Leave Share Program

The Leave Share Program allows employees to donate excess sick leave hours to an employee who is out on approved Family Medical Leave and has otherwise qualified for the program. The recipient of donated leave must exhaust all paid leaves and experience 80 hours of leave without pay before donations can commence. More information on this and other program requirements are under "Eligibility" and "Program Details."

To be eligible for the leave share program, an employee must:

  1. Be on approved Family Medical Leave
  2. Have exhausted all their paid leave (including sick leave, annual leave, and FTO)
  3. Have experienced 80 hours of leave without pay in 28-days due to the FML event (this is done by claiming earnings code 601 on your time sheet and, once your paid leaves are exhausted, this will begin to calculate your leave without pay time).
    • Part time employees are eligible based on their prorated proportion of full time

Please note: The leave share program is not available to employees on FML for pregnancy, childbirth, or adoption or extended temporary employees.

To apply, please complete the form and submit it to ua-benefits@alaska.edu.

  • Employees must exhaust all their paid leave and experience 80 hours of leave without pay due to their serious health condition.

  • Once an employee has experienced 80 hours of leave without pay due to their approved FML event, 40 of the 80 hours will be covered via donated leave (pending donations are available). This leaves a total leave without pay experience of only 40 hours. 

  • Collecting donations is the responsibility of the employee who is out on FML. This is because FML is a confidential status and HR cannot request donations to be given to a specific individual as this will no longer allow the leave to be annonymous. Supervisors and HR Coordinators may assist with this step if the employee approves.

  • The Leave Share Program is limited to a maximum of 520 hours in a 12-month period, and is prorated for part-time employees.

  • Extended temporary employees are not eligible for leave share.

  • Donor and recipient information is kept confidential. At no point can UA HR disclose details about donated leave as this would be a HIPAA violation. 

To request Leave Share, please complete the Leave Share Request Form and return to ua-benefits@alaska.edu.

Once your request has been approved, you will continue to code FML earnings code on your timesheet. UA Payroll will apply any donated sick leave to your paycheck.

Please note: Requesting donated leave is the responsibility of the employee who is on approved leave share. 

If you are interested in donating sick leave hours, please read the following: 

  • You do not need to donate your sick leave to a specific person, the form can be processed to donate to anyone on approved Leave Share.

  • You need to be an active employee in order for the donation to be used. When you separate from the University, your sick leave hours will no longer be available for use.

  • Your donation will not be removed from your sick leave bank until the hours are applied to the recipient's time sheet. This means you will not see the hours deducted from your bank until they are manually applied to the recipient when the time sheet is processed. 

  • There is no limit of the hours that can be donated but 80 hours must remain in your sick leave balance after your donation.

  • Donations are received and processed confidentially. If a recipient is not designated on the donation form, leave will be granted to an employee in need. This donation will remain confidential to both donor and recipient. 

To donate sick leave hours please complete the Leave Share Donation Form.