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Family Medical Leave (FML) is unpaid job protected leave available to eligible employees:

  • When you are unable to work due to illness, injury or pregnancy.

  • When you need to be absent from work to care for a family member who has a serious health condition.

  • When you need to care for a child due to birth, adoption or foster care placement.

  • When you need to be absent from work for a qualifying exigency leave because your spouse, son, daughter or parent is on covered active duty (or has been notified of an impending call or order to covered active duty) in the Armed Forces.

  • When you need to care for your spouse, child, parent or next of kin undergoing medical treatment, recuperation, or therapy, is in outpatient status, or is on the temporary disability retired list for a serious illness or injury incurred or aggravated in the line of duty on active duty in the Armed Forces (includes the National Guard or Reserves). This includes a veteran who was discharged from the Armed Forces for reasons other than dishonorable within the 5 year period before the employee’s first day of leave.

  • When you need any other type of leave that may be covered by applicable state leave laws.

  • Thirty days before a planned leave based on prescheduled medical treatment related to a serious health condition for you or your family member, or the expected birth, adoption or foster care placement of a child.

FML in unpaid; however, the University requires that employees use their sick leave, followed by annual leave and/or FTO, and personal holiday before going into leave without pay. When employees are on FML, they are required to use earnings code 601 or 602. These earnings codes automatically pull from the proper paid leaves. For more information on which earnings code to use, please review "How do I record FML time?" in the drop down below.

The University of Alaska has partnered with Unum to provide all FML services for University employees. Unum has a dedicated team of specialists who are able to provide expert attention and compliance for our employees.

1. Notify your supervisor of your absence from work.

2. Submit your leave request to Unum either...

  • via telephone at 866-779-1054 or
  • via website at and follow claim submission instructions

When submitting your leave request to Unum, please be prepared with:

  • Name of the company where you work
  • Your name and Social Security Number or employee ID number
  • Complete address and phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Occupation (or job title)
  • Supervisor’s name and telephone number

If you would like Unum to communicate with a family member, friend or other third party about your claim, Unum requires the Optional Authorization to Disclose Information to Third Parties.

Please be prepared if filing for a leave your employer must provide you a minimum of 15 days from the date the leave is filed to complete the certification of healthcare provider form. If eligible, this form will be mailed in your initial leave packet within 2 business days of filing your leave.

FML time reporting will now need to be completed in two locations:

  1. Entering earnings code 601 or 602 on your time sheet (current process) AND
  2. Reporting time to Unum via their website, phone, or app 
    • 866-779-1054
    • Unum application available on google play or apple store

Be sure you are using the correct earnings code on your UA timesheet:

  • 601 - Serious Health Condition
  • 602 - Pregnancy, Childbirth, Adoption

To report time to UA you will use earnings code 601 or 602 on your time sheet on UAOnline.

601 - Serious Health Condition 

602 - Pregnancy, Childbirth, Adoption

FML is not paid leave; however, the University requires that employees on approved FML must use their sick leave, annual leave, faculty time off, and personal holiday before using leave without pay. 

Earnings codes 601 and 602 allows for the university to automatically apply these paid leaves.

Once you have exhausted all your leaves, you may qualify for the Leave Share Program. More information can be found in the Leave Share drop down below.

Unum manages all FML entitlements. They require employee's to report their FML absence to them within 5 business days of the absence. 

Reporting your time in both locations is required and each serves as an important function of your FML.​

Reporting time to Unum:
Unum manages your entitlement and UA's compliance with all leave laws. Reporting time to Unum allows them to properly manage entitlements.

Reporting time to UA:
FML is not paid leave. Reporting time to UA using 601 or 602 on your time sheet allows for salary continuation and/or the leave share program, as applicable.

Reporting time accurately and correctly in both locations is paramount to the monitoring of your entitlement. 

Please note: You have 5 business days from the time of absence to report your FML time to Unum. 

FML is unpaid job protected leave. The University requires that employees use their paid leaves prior to going into FML leave without pay. To use your paid leave for FML, you will use earnings code 601 or 602 on your time sheet. Your paid leaves will be automatically applied. 

If you are out on FML for a serious health condition for yourself or a family member and you have exhausted your paid leave using earnings code 601, you may be eligilbe for leave share. The leave share program allows employees to donate their sick leave to an employee on approved FML.​ Both donor and recipient of sick leave remain anonymous. 

To be eligible for leave share, you must...

1. Be out on approved FML for a serious health condition
2. Have exhausted all paid leaves
3. Have experienced 80 hours of leave without pay in a 28-day period directly related to your FML event (this is done by claiming earnings code 601 on your time sheet and, once your paid leaves are exhausted, this will begin to calculate your leave without pay time). 

Once you have experienced 80 hours of leave without pay due to your FML event, you will receive 40 hours of donated leave back. This leaves a total leave without pay experience of only 40 hours. 

The leave share program is not available to employees on FML for pregnancy, childbirth, or adoption or extended temporary employees.

Collecting donations is the responsibility of the employee who is out on FML. This is because FML is a confidential status and HR cannot request donations to be given to a specific individual as this will no longer allow the leave to be anonymous. Supervisors and HR Coordinators may assist with this step if the employee approves.

To review eligibility for the program, as well as more information, please visit the Leave Share page. 

Reach out to your supervisor and Unum regarding your return to work schedule.

Please reach out to for next steps. You may be eligible for:

1. Long term disability
2. An ADA accommodation
3. Leave of absence without pay (this requires official approval from campus leadership)

Unum will use data from University of Alaska (UA) employees for the following three (3) purposes: 

(1) provide the leave services;

(2) provide any other products/services that the University purchases (this includes Long-term Disability); and

(3) use aggregate and de-identified data for reporting, analysis, and internal product and user interface improvement.

The contract between UA and Unum controls the collection of employee’s personal information. Our contract does not permit Unum to use any employer data (which includes information collected about employees) for any purpose other than performing the services obtained under the contract.

Unum’s general online privacy is meant to be the broadest umbrella of rights and restrictions regarding data collection and use. 

UA’s contract with Unum contains more restrictive provisions on the collection and use of employer data and prohibits the selling/sharing of information for any purpose other than performing the services obtained under UA’s contract. 

UA’s contract supersedes Unum’s general online privacy statement and terms and conditions. 

Additionally, if another policy (i.e. GLBA/HIPAA) has provisions on data collection and/or use, these provisions supersede Unum’s general online privacy policy. 

For example:

  1. Individual A is not affiliated with UA. They visit Unum’s website and enter information in a web form to sign up for a mailing list on new products. Individual A’s information would be subject to Unum’s general online privacy policy.

  2. Individual B is a UA employee. The contract between UA and Unum prohibits selling/sharing information for any other purpose other than performing the services obtained under UA’s contract. Individual B uses the online portal to file a claim. Since UA’s contract contains more restrictive provisions regarding the collection and use of employer data, those provisions will control Individual B’s data.  

Unum is prohibited from using any UA employee’s personal information outside of the following:

“Unum use of information. During and after the Term, Unum has the right to possess and use Employer Data for purposes related to its rights and obligations under this Agreement and for purposes of administering benefits for the Employer under any other Lines of Coverage.”

This means that Unum uses personal information for the purposes of administering leave services detailed in the agreement between UA and Unum. As part of its integrated services, Unum can also share personal information with other lines of coverage that UA has contracted through Unum. For UA that means data is visible across Unum’s ADA, FML, and LTD cases for UA employees as UA has contracted with Unum for all of these services. 



“Use of non-identifiable information. Unum has the right to use any information received in the course of performing the Services, whether from Employer, an Employee, or any other source, that does not identify and cannot be used to identify, directly or indirectly, Employer or any Employee for data compilations and reports, including statistical reports, cost containment analyses and claim studies.”

This means that Unum uses non-identifiable information for reports to the Department of Labor (DOL) and other state agencies. Importantly, the reports do not have names of any employees or lists UA as the employer.



“Employee rights under applicable laws and regulations. Unum shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding an Employee's rights regarding Personal Information. If Unum receives a request from an Employee regarding the Employee's rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) or any analogous state privacy law, Unum will direct the Employee to submit the request directly to the Employer.”

This means that Unum is required to comply with all applicable privacy laws.