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Organizational Structure-  June 2021


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 Phone:  (907) 450-8200  

Fax: (907) 450-8201

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The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) consists of  business partners, customer service and administrative support to the HR Staff. The main effort of the CHRO’s Office is to offer quality services to a highly developed workforce at the University of Alaska. 

The business partners and customer service team act as a liaison to faculty and staff while ensuring that established policies and procedures are followed by employees of the university. 

David Bishko Acting Chief Human Resources Officer 907-450-8200 Anchorage
Stefanie Gorder
Executive Assistant & Communications Specialist 907-786-1425 Anchorage
James Yauney  Sr. HR Business Partner - UAA 907-786-4683 Anchorage
Nycolett Rabley  Sr. HR Business Partner - UAF 907-450-8215 Fairbanks
Romee McAdams Sr. HR Business Partner - UAS  907-796-6263 Juneau
Debbie Carlson  Executive Officer 907-450-8072 Fairbanks
Jim Wolverton  HR Coordinator/PPA 907-450-8271 Fairbanks
Marcie Stavich  HR Customer Service Manager 907-786-4650 Anchorage
Bailey Brack  HR Generalist 907-786-1576 Anchorage
Erica Preuss HR Generalist   907-786-1497 Utah 
Chris Clendenin HR Generalist 907-450-8229 Fairbanks 
Claire Morton  HR Generalist   907-450-8270 Fairbanks
Arielle Parker Fargnoli UAS HR Coordinator 907-450-8200 Juneau

The Employee Transitions & Benefits Team oversees employee onboarding and offboarding as well as benefits administration and training. Responsibilities include welcoming new employees and providing guidance on benefit options and enrollment, and assisting departing employees by providing guidance on benefits, retirement, and employee assistance programs.

 Heather Arana Director  907-450-8200 Fairbanks 
Brittany Pleau Richardson Sr. Employee Transitions and Benefits Specialist 907-786-1452 Anchorage
Elaine Main Employee Transitions and Benefits Specialist 907-786-1423 Anchorage
Jenn Ostrom  Employee Transitions and Benefits Specialist 907-450-8216 Fairbanks

The Labor & Employee Engagement Team oversees labor and employee relations while focusing on improving retention, and professional and team development. The Labor Team accomplishes this through contract negotiations, investigations and dispute resolution, coaching and prevention. The team works closely with the HR Business Partners as they ensure campus needs are met. The Labor and Employee Engagement Team helps foster collaborative partnerships for all UA employees to promote a strong and positive organizational culture.

Tara Ferguson  Director 907-450-8217 Colorado
Gail Ealy  Sr. Labor and Employee Engagement Specialist 907-786-1457 Anchorage
Danielle Nelson Labor and Employee Engagement Specialist 907-786-0466 Anchorage
Kelley Lassey  Labor and Employee Engagement Specialist 907-450-8225 Fairbanks
Tasha Leach  Labor and Employee Engagement/Training Coordinator 907-450-8178 Fairbanks

HR Operations include accounting, payroll, personnel, and HR systems. The Operations Team updates and administer HR systems, complete data entry, resolve issues with vendors in regards to HR Operation areas and provide assistance to HR Coordinators at the campuses.

Michelle Pope  Director 907-450-8207 Fairbanks
Toni Abbey HR Systems Manager 907- 450-8232  Fairbanks
Austin Somaduroff HR Systems Analyst 907-450-8213 Fairbanks
John McGee  HR Systems Specialist 907-450-8277 Fairbanks
Bryce Johnson  HR Systems Specialist 907-786-1989 Anchorage
Ann Pierce Personnel Manager  907-786-4685 Anchorage
Melanie Hagen Personnel Lead 907-262-0307 Soldotna
Jevone Baca Sr. Personnel Technician 907-450-8219 Fairbanks
Roxi Lowery  Personnel Technician 907-786-1311 Anchorage
Jessica Allard  Personnel Technician 907-474-7584 Fairbanks
Camille Carpenter  HR Accounting Manager 907-450-8251 Fairbanks
Timothy Armbruster Sr. Senior Accountant/Lead 907-450-8212 Fairbanks
Sherri Soileau HR Accountant 907-474-6258 Fairbanks
Sara Di Martino HR Accounting Assistant 907-450-5082 Fairbanks
Mary Goldsby  HR Accounting Assistant 907-474-6256 Fairbanks
Tracie Cogdill HR Accounting Assistant 907-474-7725 Fairbanks
Wei Chen HR Accounting Assistant 907-450-8200 Fairbanks
Vacant Payroll Manager TBA 907-786-1454 Anchorage
Lauralee Samalot  Sr. Payroll Technician 907-786-1429 Anchorage
Kim Stewart Greinier  Payroll Technician 907-796-6479 Juneau
Kira Johnson Payroll Technician 907-450-8233 Faibranks

The Talent Acquisition Team is dedicated to recruiting, hiring, and retaining talented employees to fulfill its UA mission. Talent Acquisition ensures UA provides equitable compensation, an inclusive environment, and resolves accessibility issues.

The team assists individuals through all pre-employment steps, from the time of interest until the time of hire and aspire to make this a more efficient process for all involved.

Glenn Gambrell Director 907-450-8211 Fairbanks
Audrey Coble Inclusivity Specialist 907-450-8208 Fairbanks
Sarah Belmont  Senior Compensation Specialist 907-450-8209 Fairbanks
Carody Bryan HR Data Analyst 907-450-8242 Fairbanks
Rhonda McKay  Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist 907-474-6259 Fairbanks
Charla Bodle Talent Acquisition Specialist 907-450-8274 Fairbanks
Chris Triplett Talent Acquisition Specialist  907-450-8200 Anchorage

The ADA Accessibility team is dedicated to providing accessibility support and accommodations throughout the hiring process and in the workplace. 

Email us for accommodations, support, and inquiries.

Glenn Gambrell Director
Audrey Coble Inclusivity Specialist
Bailey Brack ADA Intake Specialist


Physical Locations:

Human Resources Staff Working Remotely:  All human resources staff are working remotely due to statewide and local measures to contain the spread of coronavirus. If you need assistance call (907)-450-8200 or email



3890 University Lake Drive
University Lake Building Suite 101
Anchorage, AK 99508



2025 Yukon Drive
211 Butrovich Building
PO Box 755140
Fairbanks, AK 99775



11066 Auke Lake Way, Mailstop: HB4
Hendrickson Building, Suite 202
Juneau, AK 99801