Faculty Time Off

Full-time, represented and non-represented, faculty members are provided 15 days of time off during their nine-month or alternate contract period. These hours are in addition to UA observed holidays. Additional days are provided to regular faculty members on a summer contract extension. Three of the 15 days must be taken during the UA winter closure, while remaining hours are typically reported during the following periods:

  • before classes begin in the fall semester, and when faculty are on-contract and being paid by the University
  • after classes have completed in the fall semester and grades have been turned in and faculty are being paid by the University
  • in January when the University reopens (after the holiday closure period) for business and faculty are on contract and being paid by the University, and before spring classes begin
  • spring break

Please note: Faculty will not be able to utilize FTO on their UAOnline timesheet during the month of July until the FTO leave balance is updated. If needed, a revised paper time sheet can be submitted indicating the use of FTO in early to mid-July of each year.

1 The number of hours accrued is prorated on each faculty member’s base job assignment hours.

Faculty Time Off Cash-In Guidelines for UNAC Members
The Faculty Time Off Cash-In program allows eligible employees to cash-in up to 40 hours of their Faculty Time Off one time per fiscal year.

Who is eligible?
UNAC faculty members in an active pay status during the requested pay period and who have utilized and reported at least five days of FTO (40 hours or its pro-rated equivalent for less than full-time members). FTO used during the three days of mandatory closure count toward this five day utilization requirement. 

How much Faculty Time Off can I request and how often can I request it?
Faculty members may cash in up to five days (40 hours or its pro-rated equivalent for less than full-time members) of unused Faculty Time Off during each fiscal year. (United Academics AAUP/AFT CBA Article 16.5). The fiscal year for the program begins in the first full pay period of July.

FTO cannot be used in the last pay period of your contract if you are also submitting a Cash-In request unless you have already claimed 40 hours of FTO in a previous pay period in the fiscal year.

Faculty Time Off Cash-In Form

Faculty Time Off (FTO) FAQ