June 7-8

Board of Regents' Meeting
June 7-8, 2012
Lee Gorsuch Commons
University of Alaska Anchorage
Anchorage, Alaska

PUBLIC TESTIMONY WILL BE HEARD AT APPROXIMATELY 10:00 A.M. ON THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 2012 AND AT APPROXIMATELY 9:00 A.M. ON FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2012. Sign-up sheets will be available prior to the meeting. The chair will determine when public testimony is closed.

Comments are limited to three minutes per individual or as determined by the chair. Written comments are accepted and will be distributed to the Board of Regents and President Gamble following the meeting.


Table of Contents
Agenda - One Document

Meeting Schedule

June 6, 2012 - Meeting with the Alaska State Board of Education
Meeting Agenda

June 7-8, 2012
Full Board Agenda

Academic and Student Affairs Agenda
Audit Agenda
Facilities and Land Management Agenda

FY13 Proposed Operating & Capital Budget Distribution Plan

Reference 1 - Proposed FY14 Operating Budget Guidelines
Reference 2 - Proposed FY14 Capital Budget Guidelines
Reference 3 - FY13 Student Government Budget Summaries
Reference 4 - FY13 Natural Resources Fund Spending Allowance
Reference 5 - Consolidated Endowment Fund Investment Policy
Reference 6 - Risks for 8% Mixes
Reference 7 - Consolidated Endowment Fund Portfolio Target Returns
Reference 8 - Proposed Revisions to Regents' Policy 05.12.043.E.
Reference 9 - Proposed Revisions to Regents' Policy 05.12.047
Reference 10 - Bylaws
Reference 11 - Development Report
Reference 12 - Fisheries, Seafood and Maritime Report
Reference 13 - Optional Retirement Plan Amendment
Reference 14 - Naming of Ridge on the UAF Campus - Troth Yeddha'
Reference 15 - UAF Research Foundation
Reference 16 - Health Program Initiatives Presentation
Reference 17 - UAA FPA MAC Housing Renewal
Reference 18 - UAF SDA Critical Electric Phase 2
Reference 19 - UAA Campus Master Plan Amendment for the Engineering Parking Garage
Reference 20 - UAA SDA Engineering and Industry Building Project
Reference 21 - UAF SDA Engineering Building Project
Reference 22 - UAA SDA Mat-Su College Valley Center for Arts & Learning
Reference 23 - UAF FPA P3 Housing and Dining Development
Reference 24 - Construction Manager at Risk Report
Reference 25 - Deferred Maintenance Spending Report
Reference 26 - Construction in Progress
Reference 27 - KMPG UA Audit Plan 2012
Reference 28 - FY13 Annual Audit Plan
Reference 29 - Internal Audit Status Report
Reference 30 - External Audit Status Report

Q&A / Information Requests:
Tuition Charts
UA Crisis Communication Framework

Written Reports:
Chancellors' Reports
Governance Report
Labor Relations Report
UA Performance Report

Innovation at the University of Alaska Anchorage
Health Program Initiatives
UA Fisheries, Seafood and Maritime Initiative
University of Alaska Anchorage Research Commercialization Framework
University of Alaska Fairbanks Research Foundation