Regents' Policy & University Regulation

Disclaimer Statement

The official copy of Regents' Policy and University Regulation is located at the Office of the President, University of Alaska, Suite 202 Butrovich Building, Fairbanks, Alaska. To ensure the currency of any policy or regulation, please call the Board of Regents' Office, University of Alaska, (907) 450-8010;
e-mail; or fax your request to (907) 450-8012. 

Revision Log 2006 to present
For revisions prior to July 2006 please contact the Board of Regents' Office.


(Note: if citation number and title is in blue, this means there is no policy with this citation, only regulation. Regulations are located in each chapter toward the end of the policy document in blue font.)



Chapter 01.01. Mission
01.01.010. University of Alaska Mission Statement
01.01.020. University of Alaska Anchorage Mission Statement
01.01.030. University of Alaska Fairbanks Mission Statement
01.01.040. University of Alaska Southeast Mission Statement

Chapter 01.02. General Provisions
01.02.010. Freedom of Speech
01.02.020. Nondiscrimination
01.02.025. Discrimination
01.02.030. Maintenance of Good Order
01.02.040. Officers’, Directors’, and Employees’ Liability
01.02.050. Restructuring
01.02.070. Unmanned Aircraft Systems / Model Aircraft Operations
01.02.080. Administrative Response to Reports of Misconduct

Chapter 01.03. Policy and Regulation Manuals
01.03.010. Policies and Regulations; Manuals
01.03.015. Editorial Revision of Policies
01.03.020. Regulations
01.03.900. Construction of Words and Phrases; Use of “including”
01.03.910. Tense, Number, and Gender
01.03.920. Citation of Policy and Regulations
01.03.990. Definitions

Chapter 01.04. Sex and Gender-Based Discrimination Under Title IX
01.04.020. Definition of Complainant and Respondent
01.04.030. Jurisdiction Over Complaints
01.04.040. Title IX Coordinator
01.04.050. Confidentiality and Privacy
01.04.060. Filing a Complaint or Report
01.04.070. Supportive Measures
01.04.080. Notice of Allegations
01.04.090. Interim Removal of Respondent
01.04.100. Retaliation Prohibited Against Complainants, Respondents, and Other Participants
01.04.110. Conflicts of Interest of Those Investigating or Adjudicating a Complaint
01.04.120. Informal Resolution of the Complaint
01.04.130. Mandatory and Voluntary Dismissal of Formal Complaints
01.04.140. Appeal of Dismissal of Formal Complaint
01.04.150. Consolidation of Formal Complaints
01.04.160. The Grievance Process
01.04.170. Remedies
01.04.180. Appeals of a Determination of Responsibility
01.04.190. Appeal to Superior Court of Final Determinations Issued Under this Chapter
                         Pursuant to Alaska Appellate Rule 602(a).


Chapter 02.01. University President

02.01.010. Appointment and Authority of the President
02.01.020. Duties of University President; Organization Plan; Officers and Other Personnel
02.01.030. Consultation with Board
02.01.040. Official Spokesperson for the University
02.01.050. Collective Bargaining Agreements
02.01.060. University of Alaska Regents Professor
02.01.070. Use of Corporate Seal
02.01.080. Broadcast Licenses

Chapter 02.02. Officers of the University
02.02.010. Academic Administration
02.02.015. Chancellors
02.02.017. Chief Academic Officers
02.02.020. Chief Finance Officer
02.02.030. General Counsel
02.02.040. Chief Human Resources Officer
02.02.050. Chief University Relations Officer
02.02.070. Chief Information Technology Officer
02.02.080. Strategy, Planning and Budget Officer
02.02.090. Chief Administrative Officer

Chapter 02.04. Advisory Councils
02.04.100. Community College Councils
02.04.200. University of Alaska Anchorage Council
02.04.210. Council Membership
02.04.220. Powers, Duties and Responsibilities
02.04.240. University of Alaska Anchorage College Councils
02.04.250. Membership
02.04.260. Powers, Duties and Responsibilities
02.04.300. University of Alaska Fairbanks Councils
02.04.310. University of Alaska Fairbanks Board of Advisors
02.04.320. Responsibilities
02.04.330. University of Alaska Fairbanks College of Rural and Community Development Council
02.04.340. Membership
02.04.350. Responsibilities
02.04.360. University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus Councils
02.04.370. Membership
02.04.380. Responsibilities
02.04.390. Other Advisory Groups
02.04.400. University of Alaska Southeast Councils
02.04.410. Membership
02.04.420. Powers, Duties and Responsibilities of Campus Councils
02.04.500. Community Campus Directors Council

Chapter 02.05. Crisis Planning, Response, and Communications
02.05.010. General Statement: Crisis Planning
02.05.020. Crisis Communications; Designated Spokespersons
02.05.030. Notification Procedures
02.05.040. President’s or Chancellor’s Inquiry
02.05.060. Crisis Response Rehearsals

Chapter 02.06. Open Meetings
02.06.010. General Statement
02.06.011. Purpose
02.06.012. Applicability
02.06.013. Exceptions 
02.06.020. Notice Requirements
02.06.030. Conduct of Meetings
02.06.040. Responsibility for

Chapter 02.07. Information Resources
02.07.010. General Statement: Information Resources
02.07.020. Information Resources Definitions
02.07.030. Objectives for Management of Information Resources
02.07.040. Access
02.07.041. Access Authorization: General Statement
02.07.042. Written Authorization Requirements for Information Resources Personnel
02.07.044. Granting or Denial of Access
02.07.046. Temporary Suspension or Restriction of Access
02.07.048. Disciplinary Action for Unauthorized Access or Disclosure

02.07.050. Standards for User Conduct
02.07.051. Use Guidelines
02.07.052. External Systems
02.07.053. Personal Use of University Information Resources
02.07.054. Content Restrictions

02.07.060. Protection and Enforcement
02.07.061. Protection
02.07.062. Enforcement
02.07.064. Protection of Privacy and Academic Freedom
02.07.065. Security Breach Involving Personal Information

02.07.066. Mobile Device Security
02.07.070. Administrative Responsibilities
02.07.072. Managers’ Responsibilities
02.07.074. System Administrator Responsibilities

02.07.080. No Rights of Actions Against the University
02.07.090. Data Classification Standards: General Statement
02.07.091. Data Classification Standards: Purpose
02.07.092. Data Classification Standards: Applicability
02.07.093. Data Classification Standards: Data Classification and Examples
02.07.094. Data Classification Standards: Categories

Chapter 02.08. Alumni
02.08.010. Alumni Associations

Chapter 02.09. Public Safety
02.09.010. Public Safety Department: University of Alaska Police
02.09.020. Possession of Weapons
02.09.030. Traffic and Parking


Chapter 03.01. Faculty, Staff and Student Governance
03.01.010. Faculty, Staff and Student Governance


Chapter 04.01. Uniform Personnel System
04.01.010. Human Resources Mission Statement
04.01.020. Nondiscrimination Statement
04.01.030. System Establishment and Maintenance
04.01.050. Types of Employment
04.01.051. Remote Work
04.01.055. Termination
04.01.060. Contents of Personnel Files
04.01.061. Access to Personnel Files
04.01.062. Confidentiality of Personnel Records

Chapter 04.02. General Personnel Policies
04.02.010. Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action: Statement of Intent
04.02.012. Equal Employment Opportunity Program
04.02.014. Implementation
04.02.024. Consensual Sexual Relations
04.02.026. Limitation of Liability
04.02.030. Reasonable Accommodation for People with Disabilities: Prohibition Against Discrimination on the Basis of Disability
04.02.040. Drug-Free Workplace
04.02.050. Employee Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing
04.02.060. Employer Sponsored Petitions for Foreign Nationals

Chapter 04.03. Recruiting and Staffing
04.03.010. Recruitment Procedure
04.03.011. Recruitment Procedure: Affirmative Action Goals and Recruitment
04.03.012. Recruitment Procedure: Reasonable Accommodation
04.03.013. Recruitment Procedure: Approval and Training
04.03.014. Recruitment Procedure: Employment Process
04.03.015. Recruitment Procedure: Recruitment Requirements

04.03.020. Screening and Selection Process
04.03.021. Screening and Selection Process: Reasonable Accommodation
04.03.022. Screening and Selection Process: Records and Reporting

04.03.030. Special Recruitment Categories
04.03.031. Special Recruitment Categories: Temporary Hire
04.03.032. Special Recruitment Categories: Emergency Hire
04.03.033. Special Recruitment Categories: Casual Labor
04.03.034. Special Recruitment Categories: Promotion and Transfer
04.03.035. Special Recruitment Categories: Direct Appointment
04.03.036. Special Recruitment Categories: Re-appointment of a Seasonal, Grant or Contract Worker

04.03.040. Public Disclosure
04.03.090. Definitions

Chapter 04.04. Faculty
04.04.010. Academic Freedom
04.04.020. Construction
04.04.022. Application
04.04.030. Definitions
04.04.040. Appointment Categories
04.04.041. Appointment Year and Appointment Obligation
04.04.042. Faculty Obligation
04.04.043. Method of Appointment
04.04.045. Tenure
04.04.047. Termination of Faculty Appointment
04.04.050. Evaluation of Faculty
04.04.051. Evaluation of Faculty for Tenure
04.04.054. Evaluation of Faculty for Renewal of Appointment
04.04.056. Evaluation of Faculty for Promotion
04.04.060. Sabbatical Leave
04.04.062. Time Off in Lieu of Annual Leave
04.04.070. Emeritus Status

Chapter 04.05. Salary Administration
04.05.010. Compensation Policy and Responsibilities
04.05.020. Employment Definitions
04.05.030. Job Evaluation Process
04.05.035. Job Classification System
04.05.040. Salary Structures
04.05.041. Officers of the University and Senior Administrators
04.05.042. Faculty
04.05.043. Regular Exempt and Nonexempt Staff
04.05.044. Casual Labor, Temporary Exempt and Nonexempt Staff, and Student Employees
04.05.050. Performance Bonus
04.05.060. Geographic Salary Differentials
04.05.070. Shift Differentials
04.05.080. Responsibility for Plan Documentation

Chapter 04.06. Benefits and Leave
04.06.010. Employee Education Benefits
04.06.020. Insurance
04.06.021. Health Insurance
04.06.022. Life Insurance
04.06.023. Disability Insurance

04.06.050. Retirement System
04.06.055. Other Retirement Plans
04.06.080. Housing for Faculty and Staff
04.06.090. Workers’ Compensation Insurance
04.06.120. Annual Leave
04.06.130. Sick Leave
04.06.140. Additional Leave and Holiday Benefit Provisions
04.06.140. Administrative Leave
04.06.141. Holidays
04.06.142. Sick Leave Without Pay
04.06.143. Parental Leave
04.06.144. University Family and Medical Leave
04.06.145. Jury Duty
04.06.146. Military Leave
04.06.147. Leave of Absence (Nonmedical)
04.06.148. Special Assignments
04.06.149. Leave Benefits For Extended Temporary and Temporary Employees

Chapter 04.07. Employee Relations
04.07.010. Employee Orientation
04.07.020. Probationary Status
04.07.030. Performance Evaluation
04.07.040. Corrective Action
04.07.041. Written Reprimand
04.07.042. Written Notice of Intent to Take Corrective Action
04.07.043. Disciplinary Probation
04.07.044. Suspension
04.07.045. Investigatory Leave
04.07.050. Administrative Review
04.07.060. Termination for Cause
04.07.080. Resignation
04.07.090. Retirement
04.07.095. Emeritus Status, Staff
04.07.100. Nonretention
04.07.110. Layoff, Recall, and Release
04.07.115. Employee Furlough
04.07.120. Exit Interviews

Chapter 04.08. Dispute and Grievance Resolution
04.08.010. General Statement
04.08.020. Effect of Failure to Seek Review
04.08.030. Time Limits
04.08.040. Reprisal Prohibited
04.08.050. Abuse of Process
04.08.060. Definitions
04.08.070. Dispute and Grievance Resolution Process
04.08.080. Review of a Proposed Termination for Cause
04.08.090. Applicability to Other Policy and/or Regulation
04.08.100. Appeal of Final Decisions Issued Under This Chapter
04.08.110. Reporting of Grievances to the Board of Regents and Governance

Chapter 04.09. Financial Exigency
04.09.010. Financial Exigency: Controlling Policy
04.09.020. Determination of Financial Exigency
04.09.030. Declaration of Financial Exigency
04.09.040. Priority in Cases of Position Elimination Resulting from Financial Exigency
04.09.050. Re-employment After Position Elimination Resulting from Financial Exigency
04.09.060. Grievances Challenging a Financial Exigency Declaration
04.09.070. Grievance Arising from Position Elimination Resulting from Financial Exigency

Chapter 04.10. Ethics and Conduct
04.10.010. Scope and Conduct of Outside Activities; Compliance with State Law
04.10.020. Abuse of Office for Political Purposes
04.10.030. Conflict of Interest
04.10.040. Nepotism

Chapter 04.11. Collective Bargaining
04.11.010. Recognition of Collective Bargaining Agents
04.11.020. Exclusions and Agreements


Chapter 05.01. Budget Development and Maintenance
05.01.010. Budget Policy
05.01.015. Fiscal Year
05.01.020. Deficit Spending and Professional Responsibility
05.01.030. Transfers and Budget Augmentation
05.01.035. Reimbursable Service Agreements
05.01.040. Acceptance of State Appropriations
05.01.050. Lapsing of Capital Appropriations

Chapter 05.02. Accounting and Fiscal Reporting
05.02.010. Authority of the University Chief Finance Officer
05.02.020. General Purpose Financial Reporting
05.02.030. Compliance Reporting
05.02.040. Management, Cash Flow, and Fiscal Reporting
05.02.050. Financial Obligations and Commitments
05.02.055. Undesignated Fund Balance
05.02.060. Travel and Relocation
05.02.070. Representational Expense
05.02.080. Games of Chance and Skill
05.02.090. Financial Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Chapter 05.03. Audit and Consulting Services
05.03.010. Purpose of P05.03.010-05.03.030
05.03.012. Introduction and Mission
05.03.014. Role
05.03.016. Professional Standards
05.03.018. Authority
05.03.020. Organization
05.03.022. Independence
05.03.024. Audit Scope
05.03.026. Audit Planning
05.03.028. Reporting
05.03.030. Periodic Assessment 

Chapter 05.04. Debt and Credit
05.04.010. Scope and Purpose
05.04.020. Facilities and Real Property Improvements
05.04.030. Reimbursement Bonds
05.04.040. Equipment Lease-Purchase Transactions
05.04.050. Corporate Charge and Credit Cards

Chapter 05.05. Investments
05.05.010. Investment Objectives - General Funds
05.05.020. Cash Surpluses

Chapter 05.06. Procurement and Supply Management
.010-.110. General Requirements
.120-.210. Competitive Sealed Bidding
.215-.315. Competitive Sealed Proposals
.320-.390. Architect, Engineer and Land Surveying Services
.400-.460. Other Procurement Methods
.470-.570. Contract Formation and Modification
.575-.610. Procurement Records and Reports
.615-.695. Legal and Contractual Remedies
.700-.990. Guidelines

Chapter 05.07. Special Funds
05.07.010. Land-Grant Endowment
05.07.020. Planning and Energy Conservation Revolving Fund
05.07.030. Endowment and Quasi-Endowment Fund
05.07.040. University of Alaska Postsecondary Education Savings Program: Introduction
05.07.041. Purposes of the Trust and College Savings Program
05.07.042. Trust Responsibilities
05.07.043. Continuation of ACT Savings Fund
05.07.044. Definitions for P05.07.040-044

Chapter 05.08. Business Practices
05.08.010. Printing Standards
05.08.012. Printing Standards: Printing at Private Facilities
05.08.014. Printing Standards: Printing Regulations
05.08.022. Records Management: Records Retention
05.08.023. Records Management: Security Breach Involving Personal Information
05.08.030. Resource Recovery and Conservation
05.08.040. Use of Electronic Signatures

Chapter 05.09. Risk Services
05.09.010. Introduction and Purpose
05.09.020. Authority and Authorized Delegation
05.09.025. Independence
05.09.030. Financing
05.09.090. Definitions

Chapter 05.10. Tuition and Student Fees
05.10.010. General
05.10.020. Definitions
05.10.025. Resident Tuition Assessment
05.10.030. Authority to Set Tuition Rates
05.10.040. Special Tuition and Tuition Surcharges
05.10.050. Nonresident Tuition Surcharge
05.10.060. Tuition Rates
05.10.070. Student Fees
05.10.080. Tuition and Fee Waivers

Chapter 05.11. Real Property
05.11.010. Purpose and Scope
05.11.020. Definitions
05.11.030. Fiduciary Responsibilities
05.11.040. Classification of Real Property
05.11.041. Plans and Reports for University Real Property
05.11.042. Development Plan and Disposal Plan Notice Requirements
05.11.044. Fair Market Value and Other Considerations
05.11.050. Real Property Acquisitions
05.11.060. Negotiation, Approval, and Execution of University Real Property Transactions

Chapter 05.12. Capital Planning and Facilities Management
05.12.010. Purpose
05.12.020. Definitions
05.12.030. Delegation of Authority
05.12.040. Program Resource Planning Process
05.12.050. Campus Master Plans
05.12.060. Capital Planning and Budget Request
05.12.061. Capital Expenditure Plan Approval
05.12.062. Capital Budgets, Capital Appropriations, and Spending Authority
05.12.070. Capital Project Development: General
05.12.071. Capital Project Development: Preliminary Administrative Approval
05.12.072. Capital Project Development: Formal Project Approval
05.12.073. Capital Project Development: Schematic Design Approval
05.12.074. Capital Project Development: Approval Levels for Project Changes in Funding Sources, Total Project Cost, or Scope Subsequent to Schematic Design Approvals
05.12.075. Capital Project Development: Construction in Progress Reporting
05.12.076. Capital Project Development: Post-Occupancy and Final Project Reports
05.12.077. Capital Project Development: Approval Levels for Projects that Have Not Been Subject to the Defined Planning and Approval Process
05.12.080. Operations and Maintenance
05.12.090. Naming of Campus Facilities: Formal Naming of Campus Facilities and Infrastructure
05.12.091. Functional, Descriptive, or Directional Naming of Facilities and Infrastructure Improvements
05.12.092. Contractual Opportunities for Naming Facilities and Improvements
05.12.100. Public Use of Facilities
05.12.101. Campus Solicitation
05.12.102. Smoke-Free/Tobacco-Free Campuses
05.12.103. Alcoholic Beverages on Campus
05.12.104. Marijuana and Other Illegal Substances
05.12.110. Art in University Facilities and Spaces

Chapter 05.14. Gifts
05.14.010. Acceptance of Gifts
05.14.020. Role of the University of Alaska Foundation
05.14.030. Authority to Solicit and Accept Gifts
05.14.040. Gift Levels Required to Establish University Chairs
05.14.050. Valuation of Gifts
05.14.060. Confidentiality and Use of Donor Information
05.14.070. Transfer of Gifts
05.14.080. Gifting Opportunities for Facilities and Infrastructure Naming
05.14.090. Regulations and Procedures
05.14.100. Process for Accepting Gifts of Real Estate
05.14.110. Major Fundraising Efforts

Chapter 05.15. Auxiliary Service Enterprises, Recharge Centers, and Self-Funded Activities
05.15.010. General Statement
05.15.020. Authorization
05.15.030. Pricing of Goods and Services, Budget Approvals, and Interest
05.15.040. Housing System of the University; Auxiliary System of the University
05.15.050. Student Services Programs within Housing Facilities
05.15.060. Competition with the Private Sector
05.15.070. University Bookstores

Chapter 05.19. Miscellaneous Provisions
05.19.010. Employee Financial Obligations to University


Chapter 06.01. Board of Regents’ Policies Adopted as Regulations
06.01.010. Purpose

Chapter 06.02. Public Records
06.02.010. Access to Public Records
06.02.020. Definition of Public Records
06.02.030. Confidentiality
06.02.040. Requests for Public Records
06.02.050. Copies and Fees
06.02.060. Response to Request
06.02.070. Deletion of Nondisclosable Information
06.02.080. Denial of Request
06.02.090. Appeal of Denial of Request
06.02.100. Appeal Determination


Chapter 09.01. Student Affairs; General Provisions
09.01.010. Student-University Expectations
09.01.012. Expectations: Teaching and Learning
09.01.014. Expectations: Curriculum
09.01.016. Expectations: Campus Environment
09.01.018. Expectations: Student Support Services
09.01.020. Student Defined
09.01.030. Responsibility and Scope of Student Services
09.01.040. Organization of Student Services
09.01.050. Student Notification Regarding Regents’ Policy, University Regulation, and MAU Rules and Procedures
09.01.060. Student Participation in University Committees
09.01.070. Student “Right-to-Know” Information
09.01.080. Student Identification
09.01.090. Prohibitions on Reprisal and Retaliation

Chapter 09.02. Student Rights and Responsibilities
09.02.010. General Statement: Student Rights and Responsibilities
09.02.020. Student Code of Conduct
09.02.030. Scope of University Authority for Violations of the Student Code of Conduct
09.02.040. University Student Conduct Procedures
09.02.050. Disciplinary Sanctions and Reinstatement of University Benefits
09.02.060. Opportunity for Review of Decisions from Student Conduct Proceedings
09.02.070. Records and Confidentiality Regarding Conduct Violations
09.02.080. Final University Decision

Chapter 09.03. Student Dispute Resolution
09.03.010. General Statement: Student Dispute Resolution
09.03.020. Informal Dispute Resolution Procedures
09.03.022. Formal Review Procedures
09.03.023. Review of Student Employment Decisions or Actions
09.03.024. Review of Academic Decisions or Actions
09.03.025. Review of University Student Conduct Decisions or Disciplinary Sanctions
09.03.026. Review of Administrative Decisions or Actions
09.03.028. Final Decision
09.03.029. Eligibility for Services Pending Final Decision in the Review Process
09.03.030. Confidentiality
09.03.040. Access to Formal Review Proceedings

Chapter 09.04. Education Records
09.04.010. General Statement Regarding Education Records
09.04.020. Education Records Definitions
09.04.030. Composition of Education Records
09.04.040. Annual Notification of Rights
09.04.050. Inspection and Review of Education Records by Students
09.04.060. Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information
09.04.070. Records Regarding Requests for Access to and Disclosures of Education Records
09.04.080. Amending Education Records
09.04.090. Public Information

Chapter 09.05. Employment of Students
09.05.010. General Statement – Employment of Students
09.05.020. Terms and Conditions of Student Employment
09.05.022. Limitations to Student Employment
09.05.024. Recruitment, Screening, Selection, and Placement
09.05.026. Compensation
09.05.028. Exemptions from Deductions Required by the Internal Revenue Service
09.05.030. Hours of Employment
09.05.032. Employment Files

Chapter 09.06. Services for Students with Disabilities
09.06.010. Prohibition Against Discrimination on the Basis of Disability
09.06.020. Definitions
09.06.030. Accommodation of Students with Disabilities

Chapter 09.07. Student Organizations
09.07.010. General Statement: Student Organizations
09.07.020. Definitions
09.07.030. Rights and Responsibilities of All Student Organizations
09.07.040. Registration of Student Organizations
09.07.050. Student Government
09.07.060. Sororities and Fraternities
09.07.070. Student Media Organizations

Chapter 09.08. Residence Life and Student Housing
09.08.010. General Statement: Residence Life and Student Housing
09.08.020. Eligibility for Student Housing
09.08.030. Student Housing Agreements
09.08.040. Housing and Residence Life Information
09.08.050. Student Housing and Residence Life Staff

Chapter 09.09. Recreational and Intercollegiate Athletics
09.09.010. General Statement: Recreational and Intercollegiate Athletics
09.09.020. Recreational Activities
09.09.021. Intramural Sports
09.09.022. Extramural Sports
09.09.023. Intercollegiate Athletics
09.09.030. Sources of Funding for Athletics
09.09.040. Nondiscrimination and Gender Equity

Chapter 09.10. Student Financial Aid
09.10.010. General Statement: Student Financial Aid
09.10.020. Scope of Financial Aid
09.10.030. Financial Aid Procedure Development

Chapter 09.11. Student Health
09.11.010. Immunizations and Tests for Communicable Diseases
09.11.020. Heath and Counseling Services and Fees; Health Insurance

Chapter 09.12. Protection of Minors
09.12.010. Purpose
09.12.020. Scope


Chapter 10.02. Academic Administrative Organization
10.02.010. Academic Organizational Structure
10.02.020. Scope and Responsibility of the Academic Administration
10.02.030. Systemwide Instructional Technology
10.02.040. Academic Unit Establishment, Major Revision, and Elimination
10.02.050. Community Campuses Role and Mission
10.02.060. Community College Establishment and Continuation
10.02.070. Accreditation

Chapter 10.03. Degree, Certificate, and Award Approval
10.03.010. Degree and Certificate Candidate and Recipient Approval
10.03.020. Honorary Degrees
10.03.030. Meritorious Service Awards

Chapter 10.04. Academic Programs
10.04.010. Academic Program Integration
10.04.020. Degree and Certificate Program Approval
10.04.030. Credit Hour Requirements for Degree and Certificate Programs
10.04.035. Credit Hour Definition
10.04.040. General Education Requirements
10.04.050. Discipline Course and Credit Hour Requirements
10.04.060. Transfer of Credit
10.04.062. General Education Coursework Transfer
10.04.064. Degree and Certificate Credit Transfer
10.04.070. Non-Traditional Learning
10.04.080. Developmental and Remedial Education
10.04.090. Evaluation of Student Performance and Course Level Definitions
10.04.100. Academic Calendar
10.04.110. Inter-Institutional Delivery of Courses and Programs
10.04.120. Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

Chapter 10.05. Admission and Graduation Requirements
10.05.010. Enrollment and Admission Requirements
10.05.015. Dual Enrollment
10.05.020. Grade Point Average Requirements
10.05.030. Residency Requirements
10.05.040. Residence Eligibility for the WWAMI Medical Education Program

Chapter 10.06. Academic Program Review
10.06.010. Academic Program Review
10.06.020. Educational Effectiveness

Chapter 10.07. Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity
10.07.010. Role of Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity
10.07.020. Sponsored Projects Submittal and Acceptance
10.07.030. Security Clearances
10.07.035. Export Control Licensing
10.07.040. Interaction Between University and Private Sector Research Interests
10.07.050. Inventions, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, and Other Intellectual Properties
10.07.060. Misconduct in Research, Scholarly Work, and Creative Activity in the University
10.07.070. Human Subjects in Research
10.07.075. Animal Subjects in Research
10.07.080. Agreements with External Academic and Research Entities

Chapter 10.08. Equal Educational Opportunity and Nondiscrimination
10.08.010. Equal Educational Opportunity
10.08.020. Selection of Textbooks and Educational Materials

Chapter 10.09. Endowment for the Physical Sciences
10.09.010. Establishment of the Sydney Chapman Chair in Physical Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks