Weight Watchers

Helping you reach your goals is important. While on-site weight loss programs are available on the main campuses, we realize they can't always meet demand and are not available to our rural sites. On-line weight loss programs are getting more popular as a means to meet the goal of losing weight and eating more healthfully. And even if you have access to an on-site weight loss program, some people prefer doing it more on their own; they just need a little help. In that spirit, the University of Alaska is offering access to Weight Watchers online. This service is available to employees and dependents with no enrollment fee and a reduced monthly cost for the program.


To access the Weight Watchers portal, please click on the Weight Watchers logo. The company ID and passcode are provided for you below. There are also links to FAQs and steps regarding the use the Weight Watchers portal.

The Company ID: 41759
The Company Passcode: WW41759

If you need help with any of the attached instructions, we do have support for you via email or phone.
Phone: 866-204-2885


Weight Watchers FAQs
Weight Watchers Sign Up Guide

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