Welcome to FY20 Benefits Open Enrollment!

April 15, 2019 - May 10, 2019

Open Enrollment is now ended.  If you have questions or believe you submitted your form incorrectly, please contact your local campus HR office.

Welcome to Open Enrollment for the FY20 plan year! Below you will find helpful links to information on the plans, rates and supporting documentation to answer any questions you may have.


Want a quick summary of all the things you need to know? Here's a short video to provide the highlights for open enrollment.

Like last year, we're doing it all online with secure access through NextGen for your convenience!
 Click this link to be redirected to the NextGen Open Enrollment form where you can sign in using your standard UA credentials. You'll sign it electronically and be able to print a PDF copy of your completed form containing your enrollment choices.

If you don't want to make any changes and you don't want a Flexible Spending Account in FY20, you don't need to do anything for open enrollment. However, we have made changes to the supplemental life insurance benefit. If you are enrolled in supplemental life it would be beneficial to take a look. Especially if your current benefit level is in a $25,000 increment (such as $275,000, $325,000, etc). We're changing this benefit to be in $50,000 increments up to a maximum of $600,000  for the plan year starting July 1.

Do you only need to update your HSA contributions?  This year we are offering an HSA Enrollment form that will allow you to make changes to your contributions.  Click this link to be redirected to the HSA form.  Do not use this form if you want to make other changes during open enrollment. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your local campus office.

During open enrollment, you can:

Add or opt out of health plan coverage: Enroll eligible family members in your health plan
Choose your new plan option: Add, drop or change the level of your life insurance or AD&D coverage
Consider the FSA if you have the 750 Plan or HDHP: Enroll or re-enroll in a flexible spending account to pay for day care or health expenses with pre-tax dollars
See if the HSA is right for you: If you enroll in the CDHP, the Health Savings Account can help you save for current and future expenses in an account that never forfeits and goes with you into retirement.


Information and Links to Help Make Your Decisions

There is additional, important information that you may wish to consider if your health care coverage extends to a Financially Interdependent Partner.  For more information on Financially Interdependent Partners, refer to the explanation of benefits and the Statement of Financial Interdependence.

Reference Materials

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that we provide summaries of benefits and coverage for each plan we offer, as well as a Glossary of Terms for terms used in insurance and health care discussions.  Each summary provides information about what the plan covers, with examples of common health scenarios (treating diabetes and having a baby) so you can compare what you'd pay under each plan in a consistent format.

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