Long-term Disability

The university's disability plan will help to replace lost income from serious disabilities that last longer than 90 days. The long-term disability income plan premium is paid by the university on your behalf. In addition to this plan, you may be entitled to disability benefits from the following sources:

  • Other group insurance contracts
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Benefits provided by any state or federal government
  • Any retirement plan benefit toward which the university contributes or makes payroll deductions (such as PERS, TRS or ORP)

Reliastar is the University's long-term disability provider. If you experience a disabling accident or injury and are unable to return to work after Family Medical Leave, please ask your regional human resource office about long-term disability benefits and application. For more information, click here for the plan booklet.

If you've been covered by the University's long-term disability benefit while an active employee, you can convert that coverage to a personal policy when you terminate employment or are no longer in a covered position. The application to convert your long-term disability benefit is found here.

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