Annual Leave

Eligible University employees (non-faculty) earn annual leave on a bi-weekly basis. Regular full-time and regular part-time employees who work at least 20 hours a week earn annual leave. Regular part-time employees are eligible to earn an amount of leave based on the percentage of full-time hours they work per week. The amount an employee earns depends on the number of years employed. The employee's immediate supervisor must approve all annual leave requested. Annual leave must be taken while an employee is on contract and has to be used while the employee is on active pay status. Faculty do not accrue annual leave but are also eligible for time off under provisions of applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Annual leave for full-time employees is earned as follows:
  • 5.54 hours per pay period during the first 5 years of employment
  • 6.46 hours per pay period during years 6 through 10
  • 7.38 hours per pay period after 10 years of employment

Unused Annual Leave

Unused annual leave may be accrued to a maximum of 240 hours. Any unused leave in excess of this amount will be forfeited at the end of the pay period in which June 30 falls. If an employee transfers from a position that provides annual leave to one that does not, or if the employee terminates from the university, the employee will be paid for the balance of earned annual leave time up to 240 hours.

Annual Leave Cash-In Program

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