2005-2013 Carl Marrs Jr

2005-2013 Carl Marrs Jr

Carl Marrs, photo by Nelson Photography Alaska Anchorage

Carl Marrs has had a long association with Cook Inlet Regional Inc. He has held a variety of senior-level positions, including president and chief operating officer; vice president of business operations and development; manager of joint venture operations; and land manager. His responsibilities have included identifying, evaluating, and participating in the structuring of ventures and partnerships; developing and implementing business strategies; and coordinating the selection, development, and management of corporate lands.

Marrs is the recipient of the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce 2001 William A. Egan Outstanding Alaskan Award, as well as the 2001 Alaska Federation of Natives Citizen of the Year Award.

An Aleut CIRI shareholder, Marrs was born and raised in Seldovia, Alaska. In May 2002, he received a Doctor of Public Service, honoris causa, degree from Alaska Pacific University. He has repeatedly been named as one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Alaskans by the Alaska Journal of Commerce.

Link: COMMONWEALTH NORTH FORUM, March 21, 2002, Native Corporations: An Epic Story Benefiting Alaska, Questions and Answers