Medal of Excellence

UA President's Medal of Excellence
The President's Medal of Excellence honors citzens who have through time supported the University of Alaska. Photo by Nile Mueller

The President's Medal of Excellence is new, developed in 2000, but the medal is very much rooted in the history of the University of Alaska. UA President Mark R. Hamilton wanted to honor a few distinguished citizens who have through time consistently exhibited their unwavering support and dedication to the University of Alaska. Their contributions, whether personal, professional or financial, helped mold a growing and developing university system.

The Medal for Excellence, modeled after a medallion worn by the UAF Chancellor during commencement ceremonies, was created by local Ester artist Judy Gumm. The pattern on the medal is the University of Alaska seal.

To date there have been 9 recipients of the medal:
1) Elmer Rasmuson
2) Leo Rhode
3) William Wood
4) Ann Tremarello
5) Darrellene Myers
6) Marshall Lind
7) Lee Gorsuch
8) Syun-Ichi Akasofu
9) Grace Schaible