2001-2002 Marlene Johnson

2001-2002 Marlene Johnson

Marlene Johnson was born and raised in Hoonah, Alaska, forty miles west of Juneau, to parents Robert and Elise Greenwald. She attended and graduated from Juneau-Douglas High School. She received vocational training under the BIA in accounting and personnel management. She continued on to study management, financial management, and personnel at the University of Oregon and also at Washington State University.

  Currently, Marlene holds several positions in the state, including Commercial Fisheries Entry Commissioner, and she also serves on the University of Alaska School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences advisory council, the Southeast alaska Selective Service Board, Board of Trustees on the Sealaska Heritage Institute, and more positions. in the past, she has also been extremely active. To see a more extensive list of her current and past positions, please see her biography on Sealaska's web page.

  Marlene has received many awards, such as the Alaska Democratic Party's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002, Alaska Federation of Natives Citizen of the Year Award in 1995, Outstanding Women of America Award 1985-1991, and more. See the link above for a more complete listing.

  Today, she lives in Juneau, but also maintains a home in Hoonah. She is married to Clifford Leo Johnson and has five children and thirteen grandchildren.

  Source: SealaskaHeritage.org