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Staff Make Students Count Award

The Staff Make Students Count Award 
university staff who provide
service to students anywhere
in the University of Alaska system.




The 2020 nomination period extended to Friday, March 27, 2020. 

What is the purpose of this award?
To recognize staff who have provided outstanding service to students anywhere in the UA system. Each recipient receives an award plaque, $1,000 and two domestic airline vouchers. All nominees receive a certificate of nomination. The university president will present the awards at a Board of Regents meeting.

Who is eligible and how do I apply?
All regular full-time permanent and part-time permanent exempt and non-exempt staff employed by the University of Alaska are eligible to apply. Please note that faculty and executive management are not eligible for this award. Service to students may include service as part of the job or as volunteer service, either directly or indirectly to current or prospective students. Please complete the nomination form and submit it with a letter of nomination containing an explanation of the service provided to students and three letters of endorsement from those knowledgeable of the contribution made by the applicant/nominee.

How many awards will there be?

Up to four individuals can be awarded; one each for the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the University of Alaska Anchorage, the University of Alaska Southeast, and Statewide Programs and Services, provided there are nominations from each one, and the nominations meet the criteria and deadlines.

Applications for award must include:

  • Letter of nomination and rationale for nomination
  • Completed nomination form.
  • At least three letters of endorsement from those knowledgeable of the contribution made by the applicant/nominee.
  • Letters from students are encouraged.

2020 Award Information Sheet and Nomination Form

Help spread the word: SMSC 2020 Poster

2018 Winners

From left: Rick Cauflield, Tim Flynn, Jim Johnsen, Wanda Wahl, Dan White, Shayla Sulser, Sam Gingerich


2017 Winners

From left: Josh Watts (SW), Ginny Redmond (UAF), and Auguste Stiehr (UAS)

2017 UAA winner Woody Woodgate and President Johnsen at the PWSC commencement. 

2016 Winners

From left: Carolyn Pennington-Chapin, UAF; Ryan J. Hill, UAA; Buffy Kuiper, SW; Brenda Hurley, UAS

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Past Winners

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