The SAA represents the staff of the University of Alaska System Offices.

April 12, 2021 (Monday)
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 


2021 Election Candidates


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Genevieve Bright

I started with the University in 2015 when I joined the UAF Development and Alumni Relations team as a Stewardship Specialist.
After serving in a few different roles within that office I transitioned to the UA Foundation in Fall of 2019, joining the Principal Gifts team - serving as the Principal Gifts Officer.
I'd like to join staff council because I feel that active participation in staff representation as well as providing opportunities for meaningful staff engagement and appreciation is what makes the difference between an OK place to work and a great place to work.

Audrey Coble

Audrey Coble is the Inclusivity Specialist with the UA HR System Office’s Talent Acquisition Team, splitting time between Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) work and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) work.

Prior to joining UA HR one year ago, Audrey worked at Coldfoot Camp in Coldfoot, Alaska for four years. Audrey earned her undergraduate degrees at the University of Michigan, and her graduate degree in Disability Studies from the City University of New York. She plans to begin an MFA in Creative Writing at UAF in the fall.

Audrey’s interest in running for System Office Staff Council is rooted in her passion for collaborative, generative DEI work. She believes that the basis of a strong university community is open, interdisciplinary communication - and would love the opportunity to collaborate with other employees and community members to further UA’s mission.

Scott fronzuto
Why I want to join SOSC:
I want to join SOSC, as I am passionate about raising our system's bar for all employees' advancement opportunities, rights, and compensation. While I understand that as a University System, we need to make sure that Students are Number One, staff who support all of the university (students, faculty, other staff, and executive administration) are regularly not paid appropriately for what they do vs what their PD and Job Class say, and have no growth/advancement opportunities.
I have lived all over the USA, mostly on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. I moved to Alaska in Sept 2007, to work for PWSC(C) in Valdez as their "jack-of-all-trades" IT Tech. After almost 7 years, I resigned after being accepted to attend UAF for a BA in Arts degree. Fall 2014, I started working for Video Conferencing Services as a student hire, and applied for a full-time opening with them in Fall 2015. I completed my degree with UAF in Dec 2019, and now have been working with OIT/VCS for over 5.5 years.

I enjoy making jewelry (a degree focus), and carved/sculptural art. Hiking, snow shoeing, rock/fossil hounding, being out in nature/wilderness in general. Other hobbies include cooking, gaming, and nature photography. This summer I plan on doing more gardening, and start cycling again. Additionally, I can't wait to travel out of state again, so I can visit with family, all of whom live in the lower 48.
Linda Hall
I came to Fairbanks from Anchorage in February 2006 to join UA Statewide Cost Analysis. I moved to Fairbanks to be closer to the grandkids. In December 2007 I accepted an accountant position in Foundation Accounting. I have been in the accounting field for over 30 years. In my spare time I like to take walks, crochet, read and spend time with the grandkids.
I would like to be a part of SOSC to help keep the System Office employees involved and in the know about what is going on with our University. Being on SOCA is informative and a way I can help make a difference in the environment and working culture at Statewide.

Leyalle Harris

My love of higher education started while working at the Dean of Students Office while I was in college. It was an example of the true meaning of community. I saw students and staff working together to make sure the students thrived and staff had a job they loved every day. Since working at UA, I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing team that has shown me what it means to balance life and work. I see the same sense of community I experienced while in college. I have only worked for the System Office for a little over a year but jumped right into SOSC because I believed in what they were doing. I hope that I can continue to be involved next year.

I grew up in Colorado and have lived mostly in the Western US. I started my love of being outdoors when I was young. Living in Alaska can be full of hard work (hello snow) but full of adventure. In my spare time I love to spend time with my family while hiking, camping, snowshoeing and anything else we decide sounds fun.

Monique Musick

Monique Musick was born and raised in Ester, Alaska. She attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and in 2001 earned a Bachelor’s in Journalism with an emphasis in photography. She became the graphic designer and production manager for Mushing Magazine following graduation. When the magazine sold to new ownership, Monique leased the building and opened her own photo studio and gallery. Three years later the Publication Specialist position opened at Statewide and she came to work for UA Public Affairs. Here she gets to do what she enjoys: communications, outreach, photography and graphic design. Monique became involved with SAA shortly after coming to Statewide and has stayed involved ever since. She enjoys being an active member of system governance, supporting co-workers, engaging in discussions with UA leadership and participating in policy review. She enjoys photography, sports, outdoor activities, rocks, prospecting, music and time with friends.

 Lauren Hartman

I've been with the UA Foundation in Anchorage since November 2014. Originally from Wahoo, Nebraska, my first taste of Alaska was a fisheries biologist job out of Dutch Harbor. In support of the Foundation's mission and the goals of advancement staff at each campus, I maintain the Foundation's reporting system, create and manage donor and alumni reports, and assist in various advancement data projects. I have been a part of SOSC since 2018, and spent the last year serving as president. I've learned so much in that time and highly value the work of staff governance. I've enjoyed taking a more active role in the university, working hard to represent and advocate for staff to the best of my ability, and would love the opportunity to continue that.


The primary purposes of the SAA are to provide an effective opportunity for Statewide Administration employees to play an active role in issues affecting their welfare; to promote a positive workplace; to represent employees' viewpoints on Regents' Policy, university regulations, and other matters affecting the intents of the university; and to act as a liaison between statewide employees, the University of Alaska, and their respective communities.

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