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This page contains proposed policy and regulations or other items under review by System Governance. If you would like to provide feedback on any of the below items, email comments to Thank you for contributing.

Currently Under Review

No items currently under review.

Follow up from Past Policy and Regulation Review

No follow-up on recent review. 

Lay Off, Recall and Release Regulations R04.07.110 and R04.08.060.G.
Feedback deadline was February 17, 2015.
Staff Alliance Response 2-17-15
HR Response 3-2-15
Lay Off Regulations Final
Additional Response 9-3-16

Holiday Regulation R04.06.141
Spring Break holiday renamed to "Chancellor's Day" to give each university the opportunity to place the employee holiday where they choose.
Feedback deadline was February 14, 2015.
Staff Alliance Response
THIS REGULATION WAS NOT IMPLEMENTED -   With the upcoming creation of a systemwide common calendar, the Summit Team felt this particular initiative was moot and elected to discontinue it for higher priority issues.

Mobile Device Security Policy P02.07.066 and Regulation R02.07.066
Feedback deadline was February 10, 2015.
Staff Alliance Response

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