Academic Council

The scope and responsibilities of the Academic Council (AC) are outlined in Board of Regents' Regulation 10.02.020:

  1. articulating the overall academic mission;
  2. assigning the scope and responsibility for implementation of the mission;
  3. the administration and supervision of overall planning for instructional, research and creative activity, and public service programs;
  4. academic development and program review;
  5. development of the Academic Master Plan;
  6. advising the board on the status of current programs and the need for the addition or deletion of programs;
  7. facilitating student access to courses, programs, and academic support services;
  8. the review, revision, and administration of faculty personnel policies and procedures; and
  9. consulting with systemwide governance on matters of academic policy.


Academic Council Members

Paul W. Layer, Chair
Vice President for
Academics, Students & Research
Phone: 907.450.8019
Anupma Prakash
Provost and
Executive Vice Chancellor

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Phone: 907.474.7096
Denise Runge
University of Alaska Anchorage
Phone: 907.786.1050  

Maren Haavig
Interim Provost
University of Alaska Southeast
Phone: 907.796.6353

Charlene Stern
Interim Vice Chancellor for Rural,
Community and Native Education
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Priscilla Schulte
Community Campus Director  
University of Alaska Southeast
Phone: 907.228.4515
Jak Maier
Professor of Developmental Education
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Phone: 907.474.7328 
Jennifer Ward
Associate Professor of Education
University of Alaska Southeast
Phone: 907. 796.6285
Gökhan Karahan
Professor of Accounting
and Finance

University of Alaska Anchorage
Phone: 907.786.4132 
Additional Participants
Alexandra Fitts
Vice Provost and Accreditation
Liaison Officer 
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Ex Officio
Teri Cothren
Associate Vice President 
 Workforce Programs
University of Alaska Statewide
Phone: 907.786.1171 


Gwendolyn Gruenig
Associate Vice President 
UA Data Strategy
and Institutional Research