Board of Regents


Past Reports on UA Structure

Implementation of Restructing the University of Alaska
Donald O'Dowd, February 1987

Kaludis University of Alaska Report
George Kaludis Associates, Inc., June 1992

University of Alaska's 15-year Revenue Trend
David Creamer, January 1997

Planning for FY1998 and Beyond
Jerome Komisar, May 1997

Administrative Organizations and Processes
Jerome Komisar, November 1997

Organizational Issues
Jim Johnsen, May 2008

Planning the Future: Streamlining Statewide Services in the University of Alaska System
Terrence MacTaggart and Brian Rogers, February 2008

University of Alaska Review
James, L. Fisher, Ltd., January 2011

An Assessment of Single Accreditation versus Three Separate Accreditations for the University of Alaska’s Three Universities
Dana Thomas, July 2016

Review of Past UA Systemwide Studies
Dennis Jones and Aims McGuinness, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, September 2017

UA Strategic Plan 2009



Current Information

UA in Review

Org Charts

Budget Presentations to the Board of Regents

Strategic Pathways

University Strategic Plans

Other Resources

Why a system? Understanding the costs and benefits of joining together
Donald N. Langenberg, March-April 1994

System Heads, Boards, and State Officials: More Than Management
E.K. Fretwell Jr., August 2000

State Policy Leadership for the Future
History of state coordination and governance and alternatives for the future
Aims McGuinness, May 2016

Characteristics of Effective Statewide Higher Education Leadership Organizations
National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, May 2017

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities Accreditation Standards


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