Sept 27-28

Board of Regents' Meeting
September 27-28, 2012
UAS Recreation Center Room 116
University of Alaska Southeast
Juneau, Alaska

PUBLIC TESTIMONY WILL BE HEARD AT APPROXIMATELY 10:00 A.M. ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 AND AT APPROXIMATELY 9:00 A.M. ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012. Sign-up sheets will be available prior to the meeting. The chair will determine when public testimony is closed.

Comments are limited to three minutes per individual or as determined by the chair. Written comments are accepted and will be distributed to the Board of Regents and President Gamble following the meeting.


Table of Contents

Agenda - One Document

Meeting Schedule

Full Board Agenda

Academic and Student Affairs Agenda
Audit Agenda
Facilities and Land Management Agenda

Reference 1 - First Review of Proposed FY14 Operating & Capital Budget Requests
Reference 2 - Bylaws
Reference 3 - UAF Research Foundation Proposal
Reference 4 - UA Development Report
Reference 5 - Tuition Rates for AY14
Reference 6 - Legal Studies Exec Summary
Reference 7 - UAA Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Paralegal Studies
Reference 8 - UAA Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies
Reference 9 - UAA Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies
Reference 10 - UAA Undergraduate Certificate in Legal Nurse Consultant Paralegal
Reference 11 - UAA Undergraduate Certificate in Retail Management
Reference 12 - Vet Tech Program
Reference 13 - Dual Credit Policies Practices
Reference 14 - UA Foundation FY13 Operating Budget
Reference 15 - Internal Audit Status Report
Reference 16 - External Audit Status Report
Reference 17 - UAA Campus Master Plan Amendment & SDA Engineering & Industry Bldg
Reference 18 - UAA Mat-Su Campus VCAL Master Plan Amendment
Reference 19 - UAF Resolution & SDA for Student Housing and Dining (P3)
Reference 20 - UAA Seawolf Sports Arena Status Report
Reference 21 - UAF West Ridge Deferred Maintenance Master Plan Report
Reference 22 - UAF CRCD Master Plans
Reference 23 - UAS Master Plan Report
Reference 24 - UAA SDA MAC Housing Renewal Phase 1
Reference 25 - UAA SDA Beatrice McDonald Hall Renewal
Reference 26 - UAA FPA Allied Health Sciences Buidling Renovation
Reference 27 - UAF FPA Toolik Field Station 2012 Capital Improvements
Reference 28 - UAF FPA Fine Arts Complex Vapor Barrier Project
Reference 29 - UAF SDA Campuswide Energy
Reference 30 - UAS SDA Freshman Student Housing
Reference 31 - UAF FPA Campuswide Infrastructure
Reference 32 - AHFC Energy Audit Final Report
Reference 33 - UAF Infrastructure Update
Reference 34 - Deferred Maintenance Spending Report
Reference 35 - Chair FLM Approvals
Reference 36 - Construction in Progress

Written Reports:
Chancellors' Reports
Governance Report
Labor Report
UA Performance Report

Q&A/Information Items:
First-time Freshman Report
Fall River Consulting Group Health Care Recommendations for UA - Dec 2009

University of Alaska Southeast
Veterinary Technician Program