Employee remote work experience survey

In President Pitney’s April 6 announcement of the post-COVID long-term remote work project, she introduced the purpose of the project as well as the many representatives and teams involved and their roles. She also noted the ongoing opportunity for employees to provide feedback and input in creating long-term guidelines for greater workplace flexibility including hybrid and remote work. Employee engagement, feedback and input is vital to the project’s success.

This employee experience survey is one such opportunity. The questions gather information for use by the project teams to better gauge the interest in remote work opportunities, understand how the university can help support employees with equipment and remote worksite support needs, assess the challenges and successes of remote work arrangements, and learn about reservations and concerns of employees.

There will be two other surveys distributed. One will go to supervisors to collect information related to remote work management and employee support, and the other will go to students to evaluate what impact remote work may have had on their experience as a customer of the university. 

The goal of this project is to maximize the lessons learned during the pandemic to guide our long-term guidelines and regulations for the future workplace. More information, communications, feedback form and updates on regulations under review can be found on the project website.

It is important to remember that this long-term project is separate from the COVID-19 onsite operations plan and university-led efforts to return to more traditional operations this summer and fall. Guidance for employees and supervisors on transitional steps is forthcoming.