UA Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed where and how university employees work. This caused us to look at the workplace in a different way. There have been advantages and disadvantages to working from home. The university would like to continue taking advantage of the good things about working from home and allow employees, supervisors and campuses the flexibility moving forward to accomplish their work through a combination of onsite and remote workplace options, while increasing employee engagement, provided business needs are met.

With representation from the system office and all three universities, the Post-COVID Workplace Team is reviewing current regulations for opportunities to adapt them to guide long-term onsite, remote, and hybrid work opportunities. We are anticipating that updated regulations and related guidance will be finalized no later than August 1, 2021.


Throughout the process various surveys will be posted to assess employees and supervisors thoughts on remote work and the possibilities of Post-COVID workplace . 

Employee experience survey-- open until May 7, 2021