Strategic Pathways

Strategic Pathways Phase 1


The Strategic Pathways process involves review, implementation, and revisitation to ensure that UA programs support mission goals, are of high quality, are cost effective and enhance the student experience. Review teams present pros and cons of a variety of options which they present to the Summit Team. The president takes the information presented by the review teams, feedback from the Summit Team and input from the community into account and presents recommended directions to the Board of Regents. Following the approval or adjustment of initial directions, implementation teams are selected to establish goals, timelines and further implementation details for each program or administration function under review.

Implementation Snapshot 9-14-17

UAS is taking the lead on teacher education and a consolidated College of Education, follow the progress HERE.

Implementation Planning

Implementation teams were established to further research the proposed directions in the seven areas under review in Phase 1. Draft implementation plans (available below) were presented to President Johnsen Oct. 15 and shared wth the President's Cabinet Oct. 18. 

Schools of Education

Implementation Team Members
Scott Christian, Roy Roehl, Tim Jester, Lisa Parady and Jerry Covey 
Chair Dan White

Draft Implementation Report - PDF

President Johnsen's Memo to Chancellors Regarding Implementation of Consolidation to College of Education - PDF


Implementation Team Members
Rashmi Prasad, Lynn Koshiyama, Mark Herrmann, Kevin Berry, Vickie Williams, Charla Brown
Chair Dan White

Draft Implementation Report - PDF


Implementation Team Members
UAA Dean Fred Barlow, UAF Dean Doug Goering, UAA Associate Dean Rob Lang, UAF INE Director Bill Schnabel
Chair Dan White

Draft Implementation Report - PDF

Information Technology

Implementation Team Members
Martha Mason, Micheal Ciri, Pat Shier, Campus Vice Chancellors of Administration, and Provosts in consultation with affected Departmental Heads

Draft Implementation Report - PDF


Implementation Team Members
Jim Lynch, John Hebard, Myron Dosch

Draft Implementation Plan - PDF

Research Administration

Draft Implementation Plan - PDF

Intercollegiate Athletics

Statement on Athletics Nov. 10, 2016
President Johnsen issued a statement reversing the decision to seek the reduction of athletic programs based in part on the response from the NCAA and on the outpouring of community support for the athletic programs at UA. READ STATEMENT

The University of Alaska Submits Athletics Waiver Requests to the NCAA
UAA Waiver Request DOWNLOAD
UAF Waiver Request DOWNLOAD
Athletics waiver FAQ DOWNLOAD

NCAA Response to Waiver Request
UAA Response PDF
UAF Response PDF
Infographic: NCAA Waiver Impacts PDF


Please use this form to provide feedback on the draft implementation plans that were presented to President Johnsen Oct. 15 and shared with the President's Cabinet Oct. 18. The form may be accessed multiple times to address each drafted implementation plan.

Review Team Option Reports

The seven Strategic Pathways review teams suggested options in each of the seven areas – Schools of Engineering, Management and Teacher Education along with the administrative areas of Procurement, Information Technology, Research Administration and Intercollegiate Athletics. Their reports are posted below.

Based on the options presented, President Johnsen shared initial recommendations with the Board of Regents September 15-16. In making these choices, President Johnsen took into consideration the testimony, opinions, emails, comments, phone calls, letters and suggestions he and the Board of Regents received from more than 1,200 people. SEE SEPT. 15 PRESENTATION

The first portion of each team report posted below is a copy of the Powerpoint used to present the options to the Summit Team on Aug. 17. Following the presentation in the PDF, is the full report including executive summaries and additional data in some instances.

Slides indicating the initial direction presented by President Johnsen Sept. 15 can be viewed directly below.

There were forums with President Johnsen on each main campus to discuss these options. View recordings of the forums HERE.

Teams and page links:

Academic units:
  1. Teacher Education
  2. Management / Business (including public administration)
  3. Engineering
Administrative functions:
  1. Information Technology
  2. Procurement
  3. Research Administration
  4. Intercollegiate Athletics
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