Mobile Tools

Tools for the on-the-go travelers to manage travel and expenses on a mobile device. Visit the Concur App Center on a desktop or mobile browser to link additional vendor apps with your Concur account.

SAP Concur

Use the SAP Concur mobile app to manage your Travel Requests, booked trips, uploaded expenses, receipts (including capturing them with your phone's camera) and Expense Reports. 

  1. Login to your Concur account through a desktop or mobile browser
  2. Open your Profile Settings
  3. Select "Concur Mobile Registration"
  4. Enter your email address and click "Get Started"


  1. Download the SAP Concur app through your mobile device app store
  2. Login to your Concur account through a desktop or mobile browser
    1. Open your Profile Settings
    2. Select "Concur Mobile Registration"
    3. Setup the UA SSO login option by entering the company code in the mobile app

Concur updated the login authentication process for their mobile app in December 2020. It should include a two-stage sign-in to guide users through their options and a biometric sign-in (such as fingerprint TouchID and face recognition) for added convenience. Use Concur's Mobile App FAQ to learn more about the new login process.

TripIt Pro                            

Use the TripIt Pro mobile app to create a master itinerary, receive helpful reminders and travel alerts, access airport and location maps, share travel plans and more.

  1. Download and activate the SAP Concur mobile app
  2. Login to your Concur account through a desktop or mobile browser
  3. Open the App Center in the section menu 
    1. Select the TripIt app option
    2. Connect the TripIt app to link it to your Concur account
  4. Download the TripIt app on your mobile device to access the free Pro subscription
  5. Login with the CTE Login and password created when connecting TripIt through the App Center

Concur App Center

Login to Concur through a desktop or mobile browser and visit the App Center. The App Center lets you link your favorite apps and services to your Concur account. Learn more by visiting Concur's App Center website.