After Travel

Expense Reports

expense report

Travel expenses will be reimbursed provided the trip and reimbursement request are approved by authorized campus personnel (generally the traveler's supervisor or designee). Travel authorizations may be oral or written. 

  1.  Ensure that all of your receipts have been loaded into UA Travel-Concur for reconciliation.
  2. Attach Travel Receipt to an Individual Transaction in UA-Travel Concur.
  3. Expense reimbursement will be made to the traveler within 15 days after receipt of properly completed and approved travel expense report by the business or travel office.
  4. Expense Reports with personal travel expenses (outside of university travel reimbursement policy) will be deducted through payroll deduction if unpaid at the time of travel expense submittal.
  5. Reimbursements requested more than 90 days after the completion of the trip fall outside the reasonable timeframe for IRS accountable plans, and therefore are subject to income tax and will be reported on the employee’s Form W-2.