Step #3 - Promote Yourself


Before you head off on the campaign trail, remember these three things:

1. Know the rules.
2. Know the rules.
3. Know the rules.

Talk to students- Speak in front of classes. Ask your teachers or professors if you can spend a minute introducing yourself at the very beginning of class. This is an easy way to let many students know who you are. Keep your talk very brief (you are interrupting a class, after all) and provide your contact information for any questions. Speak in front of classes that you are in as well as classes that you are not in.

Go where the students are - Attend meetings and events for the clubs, groups that you’re already a part of to let people know you are a candidate and to discuss your platform. Don’t skip them because you are too busy campaigning. An important part of campaigning is to motivate those who know you best.

Participate in candidate’s forum/debate - No matter the attendance, it is a chance to hone your message and speak to motivated students. If they attend a meeting they are likely to vote.

Flyers - Flyers are a great to get people’s attention. They are cheap, easy to create, and easy to disperse. As far as distributing them goes you simply go onto campus and hand them out, hang them up and even get them placed within local stores. (Be sure and find out your campus guidelines on putting up flyers!)

Web Site Profile - Personal web sites have become something of a synonym with college life. This is a place you can market yourself by talking about the the reason you want to be a student regent, the community service you've done, or basically anything that creates a positive reflection of yourself. Remember a professional and informative profile is more likely to make a good first impression.