Board of Regents


Meeting of the

University of Alaska Board of Regents

w/Members of the Alaska Legislature

November 12, 1999

Anchorage, Alaska


Regents Present:
Michael J. Burns, Chair
Mary Jane Fate, Secretary
Chancy Croft, Treasurer
Joshua B. Horst
R. Danforth Ogg
Brian D. Rogers
Frances H. Rose
Mark R. Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer and President, University of Alaska

Legislators Present:
Senator Pete Kelly (via audio)
Senator Tim Kelly
Senator Loren Leman
Senator Gary Wilken
Representative Ethan Berkowitz
Representative Tom Brice
Representative Con Bunde
Representative Sharon Cissna
Representative Eric Croft
Representative John Davies
Representative Fred Dyson
Representative Reggie Joule
Representative Allen Kemplen
Representative Jim Whitaker

Regents Absent:
Elsa Froehlich Demeksa
Robert A. Malone
Joe J. Thomas
Joseph E. Usibelli, Jr.

Others Present:
E. Lee Gorsuch, Chancellor, UAA
Marshall L. Lind, Chancellor, UAF
John Pugh, Chancellor, UAS
Wendy Redman, Vice President for University Relations
James A. Parrish, General Counsel
Ann Ringstad, Director, Government Relations
Michael Sfraga, Director, Program Development, SW
Bob Miller, Director, Public Affairs, SW
Paul Reichardt, Provost, UAF
Ralph Gabrielli, Exec Dean, College of Rural Alaska, UAF
Jeannie D. Phillips, Board of Regents' Officer

I. Welcome and Introductions

The meeting came to order at 8:50 a.m. Legislators and regents introduced themselves.

II. Applied and Basic University Research

Paul Reichardt, UAF Provost, gave a presentation on how University of Alaska research is an investment in Alaska, an economic opportunity, defines the future, helps students succeed, and explained its direct impacts to Alaska's economy.

III. Educational Access Through University Extended Campuses

Marshall Lind, UAF Chancellor, gave a presentation on University of Alaska extended sites, including their importance to the economies of their communities, partnerships with community entities, and the opportunities given to citizens who are place-bound.

IV. Administrative Structure and Recent Cost Savings

President Mark Hamilton gave a presentation on the efforts made by the University of Alaska to reduce administrative costs which included a savings of $11.5 million in FY98 and FY99, staffing reductions, and administrative expenditures.

V. Review of University Strategic Initiatives

President Mark Hamilton reviewed the University of Alaska's strategic initiatives and their importance to the economic development of the state. These included initiatives that take advantage of Alaska's unique geographic location: global logistics, process technology, and data retrieval; and essential areas of service: teacher education and vocational education programs.

VI. Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.