How Tito Munoz almost became a reality TV star

Tito Munoz is almost famous. He stole the show in two reality TV programs that never aired. 

While attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Munoz auditioned at an open casting call for MTV’s dating reality show, NEXT. The dating reality show featured a contestant who went on a series of five blind dates and had the option to end the date by shouting shouting "next."

Tito Munoz
Tito Munoz

“I was selected, but had to drive to LA for another interview with no guarantee to make it,” said Munoz. “So I drove anyways with friends and I made it. Totally scripted and a lot of waiting around. It was a positive experience only because Next was filmed close to Venice Beach so my friends and I made a trip out of it.”

His second break was with Syfy's Scare Tactics. His then girlfriend’s best friend was was cast to prank all of her friends. The production company asked Munoz and his girlfriend to show up to a "house party" at a mansion. 

“I didn't know much until we actually got there,” said Munoz. “We walk in and it's just this crazy looking mom and her son dressed in a tux. The plot was that the mom tries to separate my girlfriend and I, she kidnaps me and knocks me out, her son and my girlfriend go through "prom" like activities and the mom tries to get them together. The end of the prank is where I fall out of a door tied up covered in fake blood and my girlfriend freaks OUT.”

The university is lucky that Hollywood didn’t keep a hold on Munoz. He has been a senior program specialist for the UA College Savings Plan & Scholars since May 2018. In this position he supports operations, marketing and outreach, and engages primarily with clients in payroll deduction initiatives. 

“I've always believed in doing ‘what's right,’” said Munoz. “I really enjoy being in a place where everyone believes in "working for the greater good.” 

Munoz was born and raised in Anchorage. After graduating, he thought he was going to play baseball at a junior college in California, but opted to take a scholarship and attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing.

Before joining the UA, he worked in sales and hospitality, sports marketing, and spent over five years working for marketing agencies. Munoz lives in Anchorage with his wife Annalyn and daughter Gemma and their dog, Zeke. When he is not coaching baseball in the summer or playing hockey in the winter he enjoys taking the family on road trips like he did when he grew up.