Stuart Relay joins Office of Public Affairs as a student assistant

As a Ted Stevens Legislative Intern, Stuart Relay was taught lessons not included in textbooks. Now he is using the communication skills he learned working for Representative Chris Tuck to help the University of Alaska communicate more effectively with the students we serve.

Stuart Relay
Stuart Relay

“On top of learning the intricacies of the legislative process, I learned the importance of communication, which is helpful in being an effective student communicator,” said Relay. “I enjoy working at UA because it is a very tight knit community working for the betterment of the university as a whole.”

Relay joined the Office of Public Affairs as a student communication assistant on Feb. 5. In this position, he helps with office functionality and student communication by ensuring that students and student governance organizations have a voice in the University of Alaska's statewide administration office. 

Relay was born in Bellingham, Washington. He was 12 when his family moved to Valdez. He  graduated from Valdez High School in 2016 and has lived in Fairbanks since then. He is a semester away from earning his degree in Political Science with a minor in General Business. 

“My interest is in state politics, I would like to return to the State Legislature and work with the great people down there to help resolve financial issues of the State including the future of UA,” said Relay. 

Relay and his girlfriend, an anthropology major, both graduate magna cum laude this May. They plan to travel Europe following graduation.

“Nearing college graduation is an accomplishment that I am proud of, I am not the first in my family to graduate from college, but I was one of the first to do it in four years,” said Relay.