Sam Phillips’ most adventurous game

When Sam Phillips yearns for adventure, he dreams of a floating city. 

Phillips is a proponent of Seasteading, think of it as homesteading on the ocean. Those who advocate for floating ocean cities say its a revolutionary solution to some of the world’s most pressing problems like rising sea levels and overpopulation. 

Phillips sees Seasteading as an opportunity to do something new and meaningful.

“Seasteaders want to create floating cities that focus on renewable energy, restoring the oceans, and trying new and innovative governments,” said Phillips.”The first Seasteads will likely be off the coasts of third world countries who need to bring industry and medicine to their people, in return they would allow the Seastead to operate in a free economic zone. It’s just the type of adventure I can get behind.”

When he is not daydreaming of new frontiers, Phillips is a constituent data analyst at the University of Alaska Foundation. He is a power user of Raisers Edge, a fundraising tool that helps nonprofits manage and analyze their relationship with donors. He ensures that the Foundation’s data is accurate and trains others on how to use the cloud-based tool. He also has  some unique duties like merging duplicate records in Raisers Edge and updating the record of any individual who we find has passed away.

“What I like the most about working for the University of Alaska Foundation is the opportunity to participate in securing philanthropic support for the education of young Alaskans,” said Phillips. “Our future is our children, educating them will give them the tools they need to deal with the evolving problems humanity faces. I feel honored to be a part of finding others who willingly support this.”

Phillips was born in Palmer, Alaska and grew up in the Mat-Su valley. He earned an associate degree in computer science from Charter College and has taken classes at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Phillips has been married to his high school sweetheart for 24 years. The couple have two sons, 22- and 20-years-old. When he isn’t working, you may find Phillips playing a game or two. 

“I do a lot of gaming here in Anchorage, this includes video gaming, board games, tabletop miniature gaming, role playing games, and trading card games,” said Phillips. “My outdoor hobbies include hiking, snowboarding and camping. I also like to work out at the gym. Not to mention my love of going to the movies.”