Mike Hostina announces retirement

Mike Hostina, general counsel for the University of Alaska, announced his retirement during the February Board of Regents meeting.  Hostina will step down at the end of May.

Mike Hostina
Mike Hostina

Throughout his service to the university, Hostina has been known for his steadfast commitment to protecting the right of all students to an education environment free from barriers like harassment and discrimination.

“When faced with pushback over compliance issues, Mike will always advocate for the right answer to a problem,” said Hostina’s nomination letter for the 2019 Make Students Count award. “In his mind, the ‘right answer’ is the one that abides by the law and does what is best for students. Mike’s sense of integrity is unwavering, and his advice to administrators always has that bedrock quality. His steady hand is often needed in times of uncertainty and it is because of his ability to remain constant in the face of turmoil.”

Hostina was appointed general counsel in October 2011. In this position, he serves as the chief legal officer of the Board of Regents, the statewide administration and the campuses throughout the university system.

Hostina has been with the university since 1997, serving as associate general counsel from 2002-2011 and as director of labor relations from 1998-2002.  Hostina has also served as deputy ombudsman and legal counsel for the State of Alaska Ombudsman’s Office. He graduated from Temple University Law School in 1983.