Mary Gower named Chief Equity and Compliance Officer

Mary Gower
Mary Gower

Mary Gower began the Chief Equity and Compliance Officer position in May 2020 after more than 20 years working for the university. In her current role, Gower provides oversight and support on behalf of the president to maintain a discrimination-free environment in accordance with Title VII and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As a member of the university’s Executive Leadership Team, the CECO provides leadership and oversight to the university Offices of Equity and Compliance. The position helps ensure that the University of Alaska is not only compliant in meeting university obligations and responsibilities, but is also proactive, responsive, and collaborative in providing a learning and working environment free of discrimination for faculty, staff and students. Gower holds certifications in Title VII, Title IX, 504 Coordinator and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC).

Gower most recently served the university for three years as the Chief Title IX Officer, helping the university to provide safer campus environments for students, staff and faculty.  Gower is the contact point for the Office for Civil Rights to ensure compliance of the universities’ efforts under the Voluntary Resolution Agreement (VRA). 

Gower earned her Bachelor of Business Administration/Human Resource Management and her Master of Business Administration from UAF. Gower’s perspective reflects her diverse work background - her work in​ Alaska and in ​the lower ’48 included healthcare, ​corporate, small business, and ​education positions. Gower first joined the University of Alaska staff in 1997 at the UAF Community & Technical College. She then worked in progressively responsible student-centric positions, including teaching business and management courses for six years as UAF ​adjunct ​faculty.​

For more information on equity and compliance, including how to file a Title IX complaint, go to: