HR Spotlight on Mary Goldsby

At the University of Alaska Human Resources (UA HR), our greatest asset is truly our people. We are fortunate to be surrounded every day by such amazing colleagues, each possessing diverse individuality, skill and expertise.

At the beginning of each month, we will introduce you to one of these amazing individuals, introducing the University of Alaska HR Spotlight.

The first HR spotlight will feature our HR Accounting Assistant, Mary Goldsby.

Mary has been with University of Alaska HR for 5 years and has been in her current position since Summer 2019. Her career started when a friend referred her to apply to UA, the rest is history. When asked about one thing she has learned during her time at UA Mary said, “My first year taught me to be more confident in how capable I was to learn new things.” Mary’s dedication to things she is passionate about, manifests itself in all that she does.

In 2016, Mary traveled to Okinawa, Japan with her immediate family, to meet family members she had not met before. With so much happiness, she described meeting her grandmother's sister and hearing stories from her family history. These stories have helped Mary get to the root of her strength and determination. Family is everything to Mary!