The Travel module is a robust booking tool providing users with airfare, car rental, lodging and train booking options. UA’s negotiated vendor rates are reflected in the booking tool. Travelers and delegates should always establish bookings with discounted vendors through the booking tool or CTM to obtain our negotiated rates.


Topic Description Concur Video UA Guide
Book a Trip from Request
  • How do we book travel for an approved Request?
  • How do we select seat assignments during booking?
  • How do we indicate we need CTM to pay for lodging?
at min 1:52)
Book a Trip from Travel
  • How do we book travel without an approved Request? 
  • What is a useful process for last minute or restricted availability flights?
  • How do we resolve a booking that generated a duplicate Request?
  • How do we view the approval time limit on a Request (when applicable)?
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Book a Trip with Personal Travel
  • How do we book a trip that includes a personal extended stay?
  • How do we book a trip that includes a personal deviation?
Modify or Cancel a Trip
  • How do we modify the Request Segments?
  • How do we cancel a booking?
View & Use Airfare Credits
  • Where do we find a traveler's available credits?
  • How do we use an available credit for the traveler?
  • How do we use another traveler's available credit?
Travel Dashboard
  • How do we view a traveler's bookings?
  • How does a delegate view their travelers' booking information?
Booking Tool: Airfare
  • How do we navigate the booking tool for airfare?
  • How do we change the dates, times or locations?
  • How do we search for all available flights?
Booking Tool: Lodging
  • How do we navigate the booking tool for lodging?
  • How do we change the dates or location?
  • How do we skip the lodging booking?
Booking Tool: Car Rental
  • How do we navigate the booking tool for a car rental?
  • How do we skip the car rental booking?


The Concur videos illustrate the basics of using the Concur system but do not reflect differences in system configuration for UA.