Act as a Delegate

An approval delegate has access to review and approve Travel Requests and Expense Reports on the approver's behalf. Concur Request and Expense share delegates, so assignment as a delegate to one assigns you to the other.

While an approver may delegate the responsibility of approving Requests and Reports, the approver retains the accountability for ensuring compliance with all UA travel rules and regulations.

Act as an Approval Delegate

  1. Open the Profile drop-down
  2. Under “Acting as other user,” search for user by name, UA ID or email address
  3. Select user and click “Start Session”
  4. To switch to a different user, follow steps 1-3 again (do not need to end current delegate session)
  5. To end delegate session, open the Profile drop-down and click “Done acting for others”

Hot Tip: When accessing another user’s account as a delegate, verify that “Acting as <user’s name>” replaces "Profile" in the upper right-hand corner of your Concur account.

Manage Your Delegates

Delegates cannot change the permissions they have as a delegate. However, you can remove yourself entirely as a delegate for another person.

  1. Open Profile Settings from the Profile drop-down
  2. Select "Expense Delegates" from the Profile Options menu
    Click the "Request Delegates" or "Expense Delegates" link in the left-hand navigation pane
  3. The “Delegate For” tab is individuals for whom you are a delegate
  4. Select the check box by their name
  5. Click the blue “Delete” button