UA Scholars Program

Award Overview

The UA Scholar Award is a $12,000 scholarship awarded to students designated in the top ten percent of their Alaska high school class at the end of the junior year. The Award may be used toward the cost of attendance any of University of Alaska's 15 campuses. 


The UA Scholars Award was originally established in 1999 to provide an incentive for Alaska's middle and high school students to achieve academic excellence, to nourish efforts of schools to provide high quality education, and to encourage the top high school graduates from every community in Alaska to attend the University of Alaska. The UA Scholars Award continues to keep Alaska's top high school graduates in state while continuing their education at the University of Alaska. UA Scholars enrich the academic environment at UA as they develop in their roles as future leaders of Alaska. They represent all the corners of the state and serve as ambassadors between their community and the university.


The UA Scholars Award is funded solely by the University of Alaska Land Grant Trust Fund. The endowment receives revenue from property sales and resource development conducted on Trust lands.

At a Glance

Award Amount: $12,000 disbursed in the amount of $1,500 per semester for a total of eight semesters over a five year period.

What it coversEligible expenses such as undergraduate tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies, qualified study abroad, national student exchange, and other educational costs incurred for attendance at the University of Alaska.

Who is eligible? Students are designated by their high school based on their academic standing at the end of their junior year.
Students must be either a US Citizen or alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence.

Requirements to remain eligible?  Requirements to remain eligible: Full-time enrollment status (minimum of 12 or more credits) and complete the minimum number of required credits annually (24 credits during academic year one increasing to 30 credits per academic year each year thereafter).* Scholars must also maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

Scholars are required to participant in any mandatory new student orientation programs. The campus will provide information regarding it's orientation requirements.

Is a UA Scholars Award a full-ride scholarship? The Award goes a long way toward the cost of an education at the University of Alaska; however, it is not a full-ride scholarship. While eligible, you will receive $1,500 per semester to help cover your educational expenses.

How is my Award paid to me? Your Award is posted to your student account at the university once you've been accepted into a degree or certificate program and are enrolled as a full time student. Distribution of Awards occurs during the normal fee payment period each semester you're eligible.

When does the Award expire? The Award expires under any of the following conditions:

  • You fail to meet the May 1 application for admission deadline;
  • You fail to take a distribution for more than two semesters after your high school graduation
  • You have been paid the entire amount of the Award; or
  • You fail to uphold the 'Scholar Requirements"' as stated in the Program Information Booklet

What if I have other financial aid? Your Award may be used in conjunction with other funding sources. If you have a credit balance on your account due to funding from the UA College Savings Plan account, additional scholarship(s) or financial aid, your campus may issue you a refund.

Does my UA Scholar Award work with the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS)? Yes. However, in some cases, the amount of the APS award may be reduced. The APS amount may not exceed an award recipient’s unmet costs of attendance after all other non-loan aid a recipient is eligible for has been applied. The sum of all other aid for which a student is eligible (including your UA Scholars Award) will be deducted from the cost of attendance before the APS is applied. Visit for more information.

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