Dates and Deadlines

Congratulations to you on this remarkable achievement; we are so excited by your commitment to yourself and your future. Remember to apply by May 1, to ensure your UA Scholars Award is in good standing by following the links below to the University of your choice.




If you haven’t already, visit to complete your FAFSA. Be sure to add the university you plan to attend to your form by entering the corresponding school code:          UAA: 011462          UAF: 001063          UAS: 001065

October:   FAFSA filing period opens October 1
November-December:  UA Scholars recognition events for outstanding academic achievements of the UA Scholars class of 2023. More info about recognition events
February: University of Alaska Foundation scholarships application deadline is February 15 
May: UA Scholar University of Alaska Admissions Application deadline is May 1


May 1: Designation Portal Opens - Access codes are mailed in advance of May 1 to high school principals. Each high school is responsible for academically ranking its students to determine which students are in the top 10 percent at the end of their junior year. Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is the most common criteria used to rank students. The high school may consider other appropriate academic factors as long as the high school applies and communicates those factors uniformly and fairly to its students. More information for High School Administrators

October 1: Deadline to Designate UA Scholars - Qualified high schools must submit their UA Scholars designation list to the Program.  

December: UA Scholar recognition events for outstanding academic achievements of the UA Scholars class of 2023  will be held , check back for more details. Encourage UA Scholars to attend and consider attending to show support. More info about recognition events