Need to borrow computer equipment or accessories? You have options!

OIT announces the arrival of webcams and headsets for students, staff, and faculty who may be in need while working away from the office. Webcams are available for loan and will need to be returned when they are no longer needed. Headsets may be kept, free of charge, by the user.

To submit a webcam/headset request, the following conditions need to be met:

  •  You must have current student, faculty, or staff status with the University of Alaska.
  • You must have a demonstrated need, such that you do not have an existing functional personal or UA-provided webcam or headset.
  • You must agree to report a lost or stolen webcam to OIT as soon as possible.

Remember that for students, staff and faculty who don’t currently have access to a computer or internet, OIT still has Chromebooks and mobile hotspots available to loan. As always, the OIT Service Desk is here to answer any questions!