Photos of Mentor Sites and Travels



Tamara Trefon is a 1st year teacher at Ayaprun Elitnaurvik School in Bethel which is a Yup'ik Immersion school. She teaches the entire Yugtun curriculum. Photo: Cheryl Childers.

Cathy McIntyre

Cathy McIntyre is teaching Yugtun reading, writing and
science for 2nd & 3rd grade in her home village.  Photo: Cheryl Childers.

Flying over Anaktuvuk Pass

Mentor Lindy Kinn took this photo while traveling over Anaktuvuk Pass.

Utgiagvik Classroom

Mentor Hal Neace is surrounded by 5th graders in Brett Steven's classroom in Utgiagvik. Photo: Brett Stevens.

Flying over Anaktuvuk Pass

Layers of clouds parting revealing rivers flowing in the Anaktuvuk Pass area. Photo: Lindy Kinn.

2nd grader sews mittens

A second grader in Pt. Lay sews mittens. Photo: Hal Neace.

Arctic Sunrise

Sunrise near Utgiagvik. Photo: Hal Neace.

Utgiagvik Football

Barrow High School Football team in Utqiaġvik hosts a game playing a visiting village. Photo: Hal Neace.


Flying over Point Hope

Flying over Point Hope. Photo: Hal Neace.


Margaret Baca a 1st year teacher in Tanana, where a couple
of puppies sometimes follow her to school. Photo: Sharon Attla

Brooks Range

The Brooks Range protrudes above a blanket of clouds. Photo: Lindy Kinn.

2nd Grader sewed mittens

A second grader in Pt. Lay sews mittens. Photo: Hal Neace.

Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean near Utqiagvik Notice the polygonal shape of the permafrost in the foreground. Photo: Hal Neace.

Utgiagvik Directional Sign

Utgiagvik's directional sign. Photo: Hal Neace.

Beach in Point Hope

Point Hope Beach. Photo: Hal Neace.

Making Agutaq

Making akutaq in the classroom. Photo: Hal Neace.

Frieda Grierson and Hal Neace

Mentor Hal Neace poses with Frieda Grierson, one of his ECTs.