Mentor Biography

Tracie Weisz


Tracie received her teaching credential at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau and gained all of her teaching experience in the Alaska Gateway School District. She spent 8 years at Tok School and 1 year at Dot Lake School teaching junior and senior high, and 2 years at Walter Northway School teaching 3rd through 6th grade. Subjects taught at the high school level include English, social studies, math, computers, journalism, economics, drama and many other various electives. Tracie has special training in teaching the writing process and her two favorite things to teach are literature and history.


"The best thing about teaching is when you finally start to figure out how it's done. You work hard and then one day you kind of realize that you are making things happen — and it's not just a lucky coincidence — it's because you know what you are doing. It's a very satisfying aspect of the job. As a mentor, I am looking forward to passing on a few of the things that I had to learn on my own, but would have saved me so much time and trouble if only someone had told me or shown me. I am also pretty excited to see what's going on 'out there'. It's hard to remember the energy and exuberance we came in with during our first years, but I know it's out there - I'm anxious to see what new teachers are bringing in."

"When I first heard about this project a few years ago, I was so excited about it. I know the state is full of districts like mine — rural or semi-rural, with far flung sites. So many brand-new teachers enter these situations and are expected to do so much with so little guidance. This program is filling a real need, and I see it as a tremendous benefit, not only to teachers, but to the quality of education in this state.