Mentor Biography

Sue Peterson



My youth was spent immersed in the diversity of Chicago and its school system. I am very thankful for those years. Equally as important are the years I spent in Unalakleet on Norton Sound. Arriving in 1972 with my husband Don, we eventually built a log cabin home out of the driftwood tree trunks from the beach. We left the village in 1988 to make a home in Fairbanks. I began teaching and received my masters from UAF in Language and Literacy. I retired in May, 2013 from a position as a Title 1 Coordinator/Reading Facilitator.

I am absolutely thrilled to continue in public education as an urban mentor. My passion has always been to facilitate collaboration within school communities. Partnering with early career teachers continues this teamwork approach. Each day builds toward greater future opportunities. The high ideals of those new to the profession are honored, nurtured and strengthened. The Alaska Statewide Mentor Project team's high expectations accompany high support for both the mentor and the mentored.

I love hiking in Denali, fishing for salmon (even cleaning them!), journaling, creating environments for children, and reading about how people learn and solve problems. Most of all, I enjoy watching children gain emotional, social and academic confidence, promoting resilience and a passion for lifelong learning.