Mentor Biography

Stacey Wayne


Stacey grew up in Wrangell, and earned her BA in English and MA in Education at Stanford University. She taught English and Social Studies at Sitka High School for twenty-three years, and coached DDF (Drama, Debate, and Forensics), Poetry Out Loud, and Mock Trial. She directed the high school theater program, producing yearly plays and musicals. She has two children who are attending college. When she is not visiting schools around the state supporting new teachers, she enjoys hunting, running and spending time in the outdoors.


"I have been fortunate in my career to work with so many amazing young people: the shy debater turned state champion, the rebellious skateboarder suddenly on fire to be a lawyer, the teen mom who returned to finish school.

Witnessing that moment when a young person comes to recognize his or her capabilities and sees future possibilities makes a teaching career like no other. It was a teacher who helped me dream I might be the first person from my hometown to attend an Ivy League university. Good teachers change lives."