Mentor Biography

Mary (Pattie) Quinn


Pattie is a graduate of the University of Portland, Oregon. Her 22 years of Elementary School teaching experience in Alaska include 2 years in Seldovia, 2 years in North Kenai, 2 years in Moose Pass and 16 years at Tanaina Elementary in Wasilla. Pattie's areas of interest and expertise include early childhood education, early reading, literacy and multi-cultural/bilingual education. She enjoyed working with Russian-speaking students at Tanaina. Pattie is a third year mentor with ASMP and has worked with beginning teachers in Nikolai, McGrath, Mat-Su, Togiak, Kongiganak, Dillingham, and Kipnuk.


"The best thing about teaching is watching-observing the wonder of engaged children. That 'light bulb' going on is pure joy. Plus, I love the hugs and smiles. I am looking forward to mentoring because of the adventure of it all— it sounds like it will be a great match for me. I love working with teachers, and the trickle down to students is always amazing."