Mentor Biography

Maretta Taylor


In 1985, Maretta received her B.A. in English from San Diego State University, California and completed a fifth year education program there to receive her elementary teaching credential in 1991. Maretta taught 1 year of 1st grade in Campo, California before arriving in Alaska via Washington State where she worked part time in public and private education. She recently finished her ninth year in Chevak, Alaska, teaching 1st and 2nd grades. Maretta's interests are history, language acquisition, cooperative learning, and cultural differences. She is a trained Performance Reviewer for the State of Alaska. Maretta enjoys a variety of activities but is especially fond of gardening, kayaking, reading, and traveling.


"One of the best things about being a teacher is providing opportunities for students to develop their characters through independent thought and decision-making. The accompanying smiles and laughter aren't bad, either. I am looking forward to supporting new teachers by collaborating with them in the creative process of problem solving situations, and melding their ideals of teaching with the realities of the profession."