Mentor Biography

LuAnne Nelson


LuAnne began teaching in Special Services K-12 in Ninilchik, Alaska. After two years in Ninilchik, she moved to Anchor Point where she spent eighteen years teaching 1st through 4th grades, and three and a half years teaching special services K-8. LuAnne's educational background includes a B.S. in Education from Southern Illinois University, and an M.A. in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Montana, and she is interested in arts education, theater, dance, math, and science. She has also been involved with the Salmon Project, a project sponsored by the 4H Club and the Alaska Department of Fish & Game that involved raising salmon in the classroom.


"The part I enjoy the most about being a teacher is facilitating the 'Ah-ha!' moment for a student. As a mentor, I am looking forward to encouraging new teachers in finding their own ways to succeed, and helping them become the best they can be."