Mentor Biography

Kathleen Wright


I admire the mission, drive, and enthusiasm of ASMP educators and am humbled and honored by the opportunity to join this group. As an urban counterpart, I'll be working with new teachers for the FNSBSD. I recently retired from the District after teaching multiple grades at the elementary level and helping with the implementation of the RTI program. My endorsements include Special Education and Reading and I earned my Masters in Language and Literacy. I like to hike, bike, travel, read, garden, fish, solve puzzles, and listen to NPR. My husband and I drove the Alcan in 1975 for what we envisioned as a 3-year adventure to complete degrees at UAF. 37 years later, our roots go deep. We have fond memories of life in Wasilla and Dillingham and summers camped on the Seward Peninsula, but Fairbanks is the city we call home. I look forward to joining new teachers here and working together to enrich experiences for our students.