Mentor Biography

Debbie McCabe


Debora McCabe received her BA and MA in Special Education/ Elementary Education from Western Oregon University. She has worked in a variety of classroom settings; including GT (gifted education), Resource (non categorical), SED (seriously emotionally disturbed), and elementary education (K-6). Debora has taught classes at the University level, and participated in curriculum development and teacher training for districts in Alaska, Virginia and California. In her early twenties, she owned a charter airline service in Alaska, and fell in love with the state. Debora married a Navy fighter pilot (who went on to be an admiral), and has 4 children. Life for her family has always been an adventure, and she wouldn't change a moment of it. She enjoys outdoor sports and traveling. Her passion is education, and supporting teachers and students.


"I am excited to be a mentor, I had many extraordinary mentors both personally and professionally. I hope I can be that person for someone else. I truly believe that other than your family, no one can make a bigger impact on a child's life than a teacher. "