Mentor Biography

Dave Schmitz


Dave received his bachelor degree in Biology from Hiram College in his birth state of Ohio. He later earned his M.A.T. in Teaching and Curriculum from Grand Canyon University in 2002. He has kept recent in his craft with over fifty hours of science and education classes since his master's degree. Dave has two daughters in college who are state ranked long distance runners.


"My student teaching experience was not good and my first teaching assignment was to a very remote Alaskan village. After only a few years teaching, I quit and entered another profession. After about ten years I re-entered the teaching profession as a middle school teacher. Two fellow teachers came along side of me, supported and encouraged me, shared ideas and helped me to focus on my successes and become a teacher who reflected on his students' learning. I was more effective and enjoyed many years as an innovative high school science teacher. I hope to support new teachers and assist them in being the best for our children."