Mentor Biography

Caroline Wolf


I've lived in Alaska since the early 1970s mostly in the Bush [North Slope, Northwest Arctic, Bethel, and Unalaska]. However, I did try life in Juneau and Anchorage but they were too citified. I missed sauntering down a quiet nature path to & from work, where 5 minutes from my home I could see the curvature of the earth and ski with the northern lights, ah that's real living. Now I'm learning about the interior. I live in a cabin near Fairbanks, and enjoy all the wonderful programs and project here from the theatre and music to ice sculptures and Creamer's field.

I have a varied educational background including teaching; elementary and middle grades and secondary classes, Early Childhood, English as a second language, as well as Special education with an emphasis on communication disorders. Some of these skills led me around the world and, as of this year, I have worked on every continent.

Food for thought:
Cognitive dissonance is created by a dedicated teacher who challenges students' beliefs about their own capacity to learn.