Mentor Biography

Bernadette Yaayuk Alvanna Stimpfle



Bernadette is a Nome resident who graduated from University of Alaska, Fairbanks in 1980 with a B.A. degree in Inupiaq Eskimo Language with a minor in Elementary Education. She received her Masters degree in May of 2007 from School of Education in Language and Literacy. Bernadette began her education career with Nome Public Schools as a King Island Inupiaq language and culture teacher and English as a Second Language. She then moved on to the regular classroom, teaching grades 4th through 6th for ten years. She has also worked as an Inupiaq Region Lead Teacher with the Alaska Rural System Initiative/Alaska Native Knowledge Network for two year.

Bernadette's Inupiaq name is "Yaayuk". She is an avid member of the King Island Ugiuvangmiut Dancers. She also loves to sew for her family and spends great deal of time picking greens (edible plants) and berries in the tundra. Yaayuk is also an Inupiaq translator and a cultural expert for her community.


"Growing up in an Inupiaq home, I realize the difficulty of learning in a second language all the while learning the language! When I found out about second language learning, I made sure to teach all my students using those methods. I love watching students learn and having that "Aha" moment. I look forward to working with novice teachers and sharing my knowledge I've gained from excellent teachers in my schooling and career."