10-digit dialing changes

To ensure all calls are going to their intended destination it is essential to update call-forwarding settings that may be stored in the UAF telephone system. This can be accomplished both remotely and on the office phone itself. Detailed instructions are in the Update Call-forwarding Settings section below.

Change How You Dial
Phone dialing from on-campus locations has recently changed. When using the UAF or UA System Office phone system, everyone needs to change the way they dial! 

  • Dial 8 instead of 9 to get an outside line for external, off-campus calls.

  • Include 907 for all in-state telephone calls, local or long-distance.

  • For on-campus, internal calls, use the full seven-digit telephone number instead of just four digits.

Visit here for more details about this change, including why it was necessary and support options. 

Update Call-forwarding Settings
Call-forward settings need to be updated. Review directions on how to set call forwards to other campus phone and off-campus locations, and how to do this from an office phone or remotely.

Review Your Affected Services
Think through the services your department manages that depend on telephone dialing, then review and change accordingly. Below are other key systems that should be reviewed and updated:

  • All published contact info should include the seven-digit phone number instead of the four-digit campus extension

  • Phone contact lists

  • Fax machines

  • Preprogrammed speed dials

  • Automatic dialers (e.g., fax machine)

  • Voicemail services and other similar functions

  • Fire or burglar alarm and security systems or gates

  • Life-safety systems or medical monitoring devices

Questions? Reach out to OIT for support via chat, email, phone or self service request.